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Oh To Be A Vulture

Oh To Be A Vulture ==========================  Oh to be a vulture glide easily on wind, painting circles without effort, capturing the updraft perhaps, hiding in a low cloud and then… It would be I, that tiny black rotating spot reflected … Continue reading

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Winter Coat

Adriana – Oil on Panel | Artist Jeremiah J. White Winter Coat  ************* My mother’s winter coat falls on its own in the back of a closet on a warm day in June in a country she never knew; never … Continue reading

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Be a Leaf

Be a Leaf for Sabiscuit …and the melody carries you away…let it take you..take you into your mind,the thoughts you have yet to imaginethoughts you have not even had time to think. The melody is the river, the breeze,the unexpected … Continue reading

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When I Fall Asleep…

When I Fall Asleep… When I fall asleep, I don’t remember my dreams of better days: The ones of my youth when hope was sewn into my chest with steel threads, When I believed all the shades of grey, that … Continue reading

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The Library Has Come Undone

The Library Has Come Undone So many words about tears, about awe, about love, I named each grouping, calling them poems. Yet today, some poems and their words are lost in a mind of too much time.. so many fragmented … Continue reading

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Between The Night and Nowhere

Between The Night and Nowhere For Natascha Tour me in a roadster convertible…I’m all and only yours today. We can watch the cane fields burning down to the ground, while we’re living the dream , and it’s your dream that … Continue reading

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