Mated Beauty, I Remember You


July 3, 2012

Mated Beauty

for Umahmad

In your arms, my pain meets its Master’s call
To transform obediently tonight,
Into a funny child with laughing eyes,
Who glows over the room with gentle light.

The gifts we get are measured and beloved,
The Writer of our book knows just the time,
To leave a present when we ache too much,
A healing salve to cure a soul sublime.

So lay beside me, hear the morning call.
Our prayers today beginning side by side,
Before we rise to give our thanks on knees,
Tell me you feel our destiny’s still tied.

I kiss you, not with a lover’s passion,
But from a deeper need that lies here too,
The search for that one soul to bind entwined
My mated beauty, you and only you!

In remembrance of a mated soul…a year today her parting.

Old Shoes

For U.

Last night you came to me alive in dreams,
Entered my room to fill your vacant shoes,
No other could, that chance they all passed by
Their handicap too great, destined to lose.
You pressed your face to mine, I held my breath,
Inhaled my tears to feel you at my side,
Suspend me here in sweet unconsciousness!
For daybreak brings the painful truth you hide.
And in this dream you asked me for your shoes,
I thought it late for you to even try,
Like giving up a vice more than a year,
The flavors wrong when too much time goes by.
Sweet haunting presence why not leave my world,
What good for you or I can this still be?
Your prolonged silence grows until it roars,
Weak broken will betrays resolve in me.
How arrogant false confidence burned bright,
I wrote a thousand words to say “I’m through”
No thought again to chance it all belies,
Belief in night’s cruel gift of seeing you.
But dreams are wondrous writers of the heart,
Each wish, a scene and may our will be done,
A midnight walk and talk in specter’s realm,
Brings cries of anguish when dissolved by sun.
Just when I plead with you, to not take flight,
You walk away in shoes that fit just right.

Karima Hoisan

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2 Responses to Mated Beauty, I Remember You

  1. daleinnis says:

    So lovely… walking away in shoes that fit just right…


  2. Thank you one else seemed to be able to fit them.


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