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The Cemetery Far Away

David Friedrich- The Cemetery Entrance The Cemetery Far Away for Natascha I’m writing letters to you in dreams I am making movies too, It’s so one-sided, just my voice, I only hear me speaking… never you.. I am talking to … Continue reading

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How Can You Come To Me?

How can you come to me?If I never even heard your voicecall my name?Will you come in a written chat,imposed over the clouds,or across the scrimof my closed eyes? Will your words just enter mewithout words, so I feelyou are … Continue reading

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A Tree Falls Hard

A tree falls hard inside the woods, its thud reverberates across the forest floor. When a tree’s cut down, at any age, on any stage; It’s instant death, a broken neck, a heart attack, when sliced by blade without a … Continue reading

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Brakeman on the Tracks

I feel the Big Bang pushing from behind so there is no staying still. I got on this train my very first day, and I’m still riding. It’s taking me further out into the universe… I know it’s really pushing … Continue reading

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Two Poems Written as a Child

As I started writing poetry as a child, someone asked me if I still had the first poem I ever wrote? Actually, I do!! My mother framed it, as mother’s tend to do:) so it has not been lost over … Continue reading

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Gino We were blessed; we had an angel years ago, fall from the sky, nearby. We took him in, and found a special place for him, Marveled how we were chosen to house him in his time on earth. How … Continue reading

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The Pale

I want to call the dead back to life. In the hugeness of data…somewhere they must be found, And attract all of those souls by changing energy Reassembling them in my dreams…in my dreams. I want to shake the living … Continue reading

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Mated Beauty, I Remember You

Mated Beauty for Umahmad In your arms, my pain meets its Master’s call To transform obediently tonight, Into a funny child with laughing eyes, Who glows over the room with gentle light. The gifts we get are measured and beloved, … Continue reading

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“Tar Pit Never” – A Natascha Randt – Karima Hoisan Film

I am proud to present our latest machinima effort, a new inspired collaboration with my friend and respected machinima artist, Natascha Randt. I know this was a hard poem for some to like when it was just a poem, as … Continue reading

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