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Mutant Bevy

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My Favorite Mirror

My Favorite Mirror I miss my favorite mirror, although I know it’s still there, hanging in a limbo room, on a nail where Time is suspended. The problem is, all the interference of these days, the dust that hides the … Continue reading

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Statue in the Entryway

I don’t remember the exact moment I stopped living I mean I was still breathing…just not really alive. My spinal chord took over for my brain so I could still walk, eat, swallow blink. My color was good, my blood … Continue reading

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I Miss You

Letting my mind run backwards until it’s hard not to cry… I know it’s the way; it is. All moves forward and we leave or get left behind. We love and we lose sight, lose touch with all those who … Continue reading

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Paper Thin

Paper thin, I’m barely here, and you no longer see me. The night breathes in and out, out and in, with windows open wide, just an alien, walking through a rational land; it’s getting lonely. Those who glow seem far … Continue reading

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“Window On A Train” ~ Our Entry For The UWA Vl Machinima Challenge 2013 ~

We needed a train! Not just any old train, but a 1970’s Diesel Train, detailed and very real looking inside and out. Nat and I scoured every train-store, Marketplace train offering in SL, and could not find what we wanted. … Continue reading

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