Piano Lesson

The Woman in Red” Giovanni Boldini

Piano Lesson


Oh Abuse!
It is a complicated melody,
so hard for me to play.
Return and repeat,
with an intro
of strings, sweet passages,
until the drum rolls roar,
until the life threats r
until the childish tears
fall down a woman’s face,
wide-eyed fortissimo
and trembling in staccato
form a familiar symphony,
a family routine and legacy
The Finale.
I can hardly play this piece.
Return and repeat,
with an intro of strings,
sweet passages…

Karima Hoisan
March 2001
Karak Jordan

Lección de piano

<< * >>

¡Oh Abuso!
Es una melodía complicada
tan difícil para mí a tocar
Regresa y repite,
con una intro
de cuerdas, dulces pasajes,
hasta que ruja el tambor,
hasta que lleguen las amenazas de vida,
hasta las lagrimas infantiles
cayen por el rostro de una mujer,
fortissimo con los ojos abiertos
y temblando en staccato
formar una sinfonía familiar,
una rutina familiar y un legado
El final.
Apenas puedo tocar esta pieza.
Regresa y repite,
con una introducción de cuerdas,
dulces pasajes …

Karima Hoisan
Marzo de 2001
Karak Jordania

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8 Responses to Piano Lesson

  1. *From a long long time ago…..

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  2. This resonated deep within, I am learning to play the keyboard and feel I can relate to the struggle 😊

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  3. daleinnis says:

    Wow, evocative on many levels; the piano piece it talks about, the abuse that it refers to, and every other thing in our lives that works in that same way. Lovely!

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  4. Thank you for your comment Dale..yes you saw the metaphor… hard to stop playing too..when all those
    “intro of strings,
    sweet passages…” keep pulling you back to the piano bench:)


  5. Your poem reflects on many aspects of life on the repetitiveness which occurs and the interruptions
    of the loud drum rolls cutting through the peaceful plateau of life filled with sweetness. Bless you Karima

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