Pictures in a Box


Pictures in a Box

Pictures in a box just laying flat in the dark,
how long has it been since I opened that drawer;
since I went back and listened to what they were saying?
“Look!” This was you and that was me and oh how young
and oh how thin and that tree was just a sapling, can you imagine?

Then they all come alive once again in my streaming memory.
Some look me in the eyes while I am looking back and say,
“Why did you do that” Why change horses in midstream and float away?
“Look, there you are on campus, but none of graduation, your choice.”
But you learned, the grass is not always greener and the fever is not in the sheets.

Then your children’s smiles are seen on top of broken dreams, and it’s OK.
How much love and learning, exploration and mistakes are captured here?
This small box, that plays music when you open it, that starts a Time Machine
and suddenly, you see it all, a flowing progression of who and what you’ve been,
those who have touched you, those who made you cry and those you sadly left behind.

Karima Hoisan
September 9, 2020 (my son’s birthday)
Costa Rica

Fotos en una Caja

Fotos en una caja simplemente acostadas en la oscuridad
¿Cuánto tiempo ha pasado desde que abrí ese cajón?
Desde que volví y escuché lo que decían,
“¡Mira!” Este eras tú y esa era yo y oh que joven
y oh qué delgado y ese árbol era solo un árbol joven, ¿te imaginas?

Luego, todos cobran vida una vez más en mi memoria fluida.
Algunos me miran a los ojos mientras miro hacia atrás y dicen:
“¿Por qué hiciste eso?” ¿Por qué cambiar de caballo en medio de la corriente y flotar?
“Mira, ahí estás en La U. pero ninguno de graduación, tu elección”.
Pero aprendiste, el zacate no siempre es más verde y la fiebre no está en las sábanas.

Entonces las sonrisas de sus hijos se ven por encima de los sueños rotos, y está bien.
Cuánto amor y aprendizaje, exploración y errores se capturan aquí.
Esta pequeña caja, que reproduce música cuando la abres, que inicia una máquina del tiempo
y de repente, lo ves todo, una progresión fluida de a quién y qué has conocido
Los que te han tocado, los que te hicieron llorar y los que tristemente dejaste atrás.

Karima Hoisan
9 de septiembre de 2020
Costa Rica

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9 Responses to Pictures in a Box

  1. daleinnis says:

    So true and touching! I wish I had more of those old boxes, so much of the past has flowed away without even a hint recorded…


  2. Aww I know what you mean..I wish I had more and more..and I have a lot..but they really help us see where we have been..and maybe think before we leap into the future.. Thank you for commenting Dale..


  3. How pretty. Memories are a wonderful thing, especially the ones that make us smile in the present. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hoyt says:

    What a lovely piece! As with much of your poetry Dear Karima, you have taken something simple and sublime and presented it in a way that reminds every reader that they have experienced this moment. I love waking up early to find yet another gem of yours. It makes my day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh Hoyt I wish I had 100 of readers like you, but alas (smiles) tu eres único!! Your comments always spur me on and I wish I could provide you with a new poem every day to brighten your mornings..Ojalá I could be that prolific for your reading pleasure. Gracias Ruco..por ser tan especial!


  5. Joel Abakah says:

    Wow! This is spot on.
    Pictures indeed speak a thousand words. One look at them transports your mind into the past to relive the moments, or to look to the present and make some analysis. And with whatever emotion that picture carries; sad, happy, etc, it sparks a series of thoughts that leaves your mind and heart in another world. 💚🔥

    Liked by 1 person

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