Two Poems Written as a Child

As I started writing poetry as a child, someone asked me if I still had the first poem I ever wrote? Actually, I do!!
My mother framed it, as mother’s tend to do:) so it has not been lost over (believe me!) many many years.
I will post them here and I hope you enjoy them. My first poem was about Nature, and we were living in the Midwest of the USA. I have lost almost all of my early poem, but the second one, I will display here, is safe inside my head and never forgotten.

A Summer Favor

The sun to me is not a sun,
But warmth and beauty in disguise
The cool soft breezes touch my face,
Carrying multitudes of butterflies.

The song of Nature is being sung
By every beak and every tongue.
The leaves of Fall have blown away
And in their place, the birds will stay.

The snow has long since melted down
And grass grows from the same cold ground.
The branches stretch their arms to say,
Please make tomorrow a sunny day.

Please bring the rain to feed our trees
And color each twig with colored leaves.
For soon the summer months will go
And in their place come months of snow…

Help us, give us what we need
For every budding flower and seed

Kari 9 years old

The second poem, was written a few months after my dad’s death at a young age. I was very affected by his death and trying to make sense out of it. I was 11 years old.

Four Questions Three Answers

1. Why must I always go forward Sir?
Because you need to look back and regret.

2. Why is the present seldom calm?
Because it moves in the wake of the past
and the uncertainty of the future.

3.Why is there no place in the present
for my memories of the past?
Illusionary happiness, like oil,
floats on the water of reality.

4. And why must death be my future Sir
if there is no future in death?


(En Español)

Cuando comencé a escribir poesía cuando era niña, alguien me preguntó si todavía tenía el primer poema que escribí. ¡¡De hecho, sí !!
Mi madre lo enmarcó, como suele hacer la madre 🙂 para que no se haya perdido durante (¡créanme!) Muchos, muchos años.
Los publicaré aquí y espero que los disfruten. Mi primer poema trataba sobre la naturaleza y vivíamos en el medio oeste de Estados Unidos. He perdido casi todo mis primeras poemas, pero el segundo, que mostraré aquí, está a salvo dentro de mi cabeza y nunca lo olvidaré.

Un Favor de Verano

El sol para mí no es un sol
Pero calidez y belleza disfrazadas
Las suaves brisas frescas tocan mi cara
Llevando multitudes de mariposas.

Se canta la canción de la naturaleza
Por cada pico y cada lengua.
Las hojas del otoño se han ido
Y en su lugar, los pájaros se quedarán.

La nieve hace tiempo que se derritió
Y la hierba crece en el mismo suelo frío.
Las ramas estiran los brazos para decir:
Por favor, haz de mañana un día soleado.

Por favor trae la lluvia para alimentar nuestros árboles
Y colorea cada ramita con hojas de colores.
Porque pronto los meses de verano se irán
Y en su lugar vienen meses de nieve …

Ayúdanos, danos lo que necesitamos
Por cada flor y semilla en ciernes

Kari 9 años

El segundo poema fue escrito unos meses después de la muerte de mi padre a una edad temprana. Su muerte me afectó mucho y traté de encontrarle sentido. Tenía 11 años.

Cuatro Preguntas -Tres Respuestas

1. ¿Por qué debo ir siempre adelante, señor?
Porque necesitas mirar hacia atrás y arrepentirte.

2. ¿Por qué el presente rara vez es tranquilo?
Porque se mueve tras el pasado
y la incertidumbre del futuro.

3.¿Por qué no hay lugar en el presente?
por mis recuerdos del pasado?
Felicidad ilusoria, como el aceite,
flota en el agua de la realidad.

4. ¿Y por qué la muerte debe ser mi futuro, señor?
si no hay futuro en la muerte?


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28 Responses to Two Poems Written as a Child

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    You have been talented since birth. I did not even attempt to write poetry until 2014. You nailed this as a child. 😍💕😘💐🥰👏🏽

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tu talento nació contigo y empezó a manifestarse cuando el uso de la razón empezó a avistarse tímidamente… Poesía innata 🌹📖

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Your poems so beautiful and advanced knowledge of the language. Very gifted child. Bless you

    Liked by 1 person

  4. daleinnis says:

    Good heavens, you were a prodigy!!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Katy Claire says:

    This is absolutely precious, Karima 💗 You were even so talented as a child. What a beautiful soul you are. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  6. fahimay says:

    Amazing write by your nine year old self!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. That’s very kind of you..I will visit your blog soon:)


  8. Hoyt says:

    What an observant, insightful little girl. The first seems to cover all the aspects of nature and the seasons. A keen eye even then. The questions and answers in the second are heart wrenching. My heart goes out to that 11 year old!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I can’t believe a child so young could be so reflective, and expressive Karima… I’m blown over by these words. May god always keep you inspired…
    and you write in Spanish too…right..? Would you mind my asking where are you based now to be so fluent in both the languages, and what other languages do you know?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Sundaram for leaving this beautiful comment. I believe talents like these, writing, poetry, painting, all the Arts are true gifts from God..they come with us when we are born. Some realize they have it early, and in others, it’s there but stays dormant for years until it’s revealed to us.. In my case, I spent a lot of time alone, so I think the love of observing life and writing about it came early. With my father’s death, which turned into a lifetime trauma, it started me deeply thinking about Life, something, I had never done before before 11 and I wrote a lot in the years that followed. These journals, sad to say, have been lost. This poem here, is memorized from way back then. Even I today, see how adult it was in the words I used and in my thoughts.. I do speak Arabic too , from the Levant, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon etc but not well enough to write in it, I speak colloquial, the kind we use at home, not the kind *Modern Standard Arabic, we use for writing. I am now back in Costa Rica, although, I do go back to Jordan but..with Covid…not sure when that can be. Thank you for your kind thoughts and for taking an interest:) Peace 🙏


      • It’s my pleasure Karima…you do evoke curiosity with your poems, your virtual world, and the sincerity with with you converse. I hope you always keep inspired, and fill the world with beauty of your words. And yes, those words you used even as a child are so impressive… Take care… 🙏🍀🌸🙏

        Liked by 1 person

  10. Joel Abakah says:

    Wow! You’ve been gifted in this art for so long. I can feel how proud your mom was just framing your first ever work.

    Really love the poem. How you’ve made some elements people consider normal beautiful, and how you portrayed the concept of if something goes, then something else comes 💚

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Hi Joel, sorry I totally passed your comment by (not intentionally) Yes, my mom was proud of me..I wrote poetry and acted in school plays, which he never missed:) I stayed times in the USA, and got to leave the seasons which we don’t have here in Costa Rica.. T and always moving from hey always impressed me, so markedly different, and always moving from one to the other, as Joni ~MItchell said, “The seasons they go round and round and the painted ponies go up and down”
    Thank you for your well thought out comment and so sorry `i missed it when you left it.


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