The Molded One

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What I’m learning
as a soul in a body
that is expiring…

Creation is everywhere
and in our hands;
it’s part of you and part of me…
being made in a Creator’s image;
it comes bundled inside.
I know I am the molded one..
I did not do the original molding.
I did not make a tree;
I am just happy to look up,
into its branches and praise a creator
so much greater than me..

I have learned so much..
and yet…
I feel I barely scraped the surface.
How can that be?
There is a day for me..
when I am done
and yet…
I think I will never be.

Inside of me and holding me,
is the creative touch…
It’s in absolutely all of us..
and yet,
the gift is being able to see,
to find it, sense it lives within us..
It is the most well- kept secret;
if we can unlock it,
if we are gifted with that key…
the world becomes:
a new day
a new canvas
a blank page,
a planted seedling.

We just wave our hands
and let our minds dream…
tap into that stream,
that has always been there,
since the beginning of Time..
before our birth and after we die
and it is all part of the gift of Life.

I have my tears…
and I can see through blurry crystal leaves,
and it makes it even more beautiful for me..
when the pain subsides..I am back!
I’m, alive and I am still here…

and that canvas waits,
and those hearts need kindness
and that person needs to be held,
and the poems will come
and the tears can be dried
and the lessons will be learned

and the paintings will be signed
and I have so much more to do,
before I run out of…
my expiring time.

Karima Hoisan
December 20, 2020
Costa Rica

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28 Responses to The Molded One

  1. ceoln says:

    Another powerful look at the process of writing, and creating, and just living, with both an awareness of our (unknown but approaching) expiration date, and also the feeling that there will always be more to do. The image of coming back into life after tears and pain really touched me. Thank you for sharing this!

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    • Thank you Ceoln and I am touched that I could touch you with this poem…Yes, we get a fresh view of Life, after we have been put in a “time out”. I think we return, with more vigor and zest, gratefulness and respect for every beating moment of our hearts..

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  2. Samreen Asad says:

    How wonderfully and eloquently you have penned down your thoughts habeebity ❤️ we fall prey to darkness, we shed tears but we again gather our elements to stand up and we do this every other day or every other time we fall in that pit of sadness until it’s our time to go. 😊 Beautiful words as always making their way straight to the reader’s heart 🥰💞❤️ hugs and love UmJulian 🥰❤️❤️🤗🤗

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  3. Aww UmAnsar, habeebity, thank you for reading and feeling this poem. Most of the days, we can forget why we are even here, but today, I was reminded of my role in the greater scheme, and it made me feel humbled and grateful too.. Yes, after darkness, there is light and the cycle is something we witness literally every 24 hours but also in our history and in our lives. I hope you have a good weekend and started off your Sunday with lots of energy and poems flowing from your fingertips. Big Hugs and much love and good wishes for all of you…UmJulian ❤️🤗❤️🤗


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  5. Jeff Flesch says:

    Oh, Karima, you have done it again. What a LOVELY poem. I so adore the way you create such vivid and illuminating images with your words. Wow. Seriously moved and touched. Lovely. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us.❤️🙏

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    • And you seriously made me very happy, to know how much this poem connected with you, Jeff! Thank you for being this special kind of reader, that not only feels my poetry easily, but lets me know he does!! Your appreciation means a lot to me. Thank you my friend and fellow poetic thinker:) 🙏🤗

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      • Jeff Flesch says:

        You are so very welcome. It is always my pleasure, Karima. And, thank you for the acknowledgement. It is truly very easy for me to feel right through your words to the scenes you are creating. Just wonderful, my dear, friend.🙏😊

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  6. Wow, wow, WOW!

    I feel I barely scraped the surface.
    How can that be?
    There is a day for me..
    when I am done
    and yet…
    I think I will never be.

    You know, in Jewish tradition, there is an idea that being create “in God’s image” means: being created with God’s creative nature. Many have said that this is what differentiates humans from other life forms!


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  7. Well that is beautiful David!..and I truly believe that is what being created in God’s image means for us all..The hidden gift, the ability to create on a much smaller scale, but as you point out, only humans do it for the joy of it, the sheer joy. Some animals like the octopus are creative camouflagers, but they do it for survival not for beauty or art. The Great Creator of everything has given us, this a reflection…Knowing I am a creature, a molded one, helps me tap into my place and my relationship with the Creator of Life and the creative process in all its possibilities. Thank you for this comment. as you see…it really inspired me:)

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  8. Diana says:

    Beautifully written my dear Karima. I love the way your words flow as pure as your thoughts. Sometimes it’s not easy to write down what is in our hearts…but other times…. It’s like the smoothest waterfall revealing our innermost emotions. A lovely piece of prose to inspire all those who read it. Stay blessed and happy always. ❤️❤️💐💐🤗🤗🤗

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    • Thank you habeebity, I agree with you..there are times of flow and times when our thoughts and words come in short bursts.. with pauses between:) Oh if we could always be in that flow, but alas, that is not possible… just like we can’t always be happy…ebbs and tides in our writing are so parallel in our lives too. Thank you for you inspiring comment as always dear Diana. ❤️🙏🤗✨

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  9. All of your content is just amazing 🙂

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  10. Marvelous on a poetical and philosophical level, and then maybe even something higher beyond the two. Glad you found the creativity to pen this. This poem arrived, for sure.

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  11. Hoyt says:

    A lovely prayer of hope and redemption Miss Karima. This should be used as a mantra. And just in time for the escape through the portal to a new year. As always I love your power with the written word!

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  12. The last line choked me. Yes. There is so much more to do, to create, to share, and to gather. This amazing ability of us human beings to create out of nothing makes me believe we are tiny parts of the supreme creator himself/herself, instead of just the images. Beautiful thoughts Karima… just close your eyes, be one with the creator, and keep bringing to the fore the pearls. 🍀🍀🎼🙏

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    • Ahh Sundaram, you said it perfectly..the fact we can create something from nothing; it sets us apart and also mirrors the Great Creative Force. Animals are not known to do this, and yet we were molded too but…. in a higher image, with reciprocal creative powers in our own lives. In Arabic, one of the 99 names of Allah is “Al Khaliq” which means:
      The Creator/ Creator of the Universe/ Maker of all/ True Originator/ Absolute Author. I choose to believe we were given this ability on a much smaller scale obviously. Yes, closing our eyes can be the way to see what we really need to write, create, paint, sculpt, and yes entertain and delight so many …even with just our choice of words at times…Imagine!!

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  13. Hoyt says:

    I wish I could more often see the world through your eyes Karima. You pick up on all the nuances that so many of us miss.

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    • Today was my lucky day, to be so beautifully “bombarded” with garlands of comments from you, Hoyt. You know your comments and observations, always have and always will inspire me to produce more:) Thank you my dear loved friend.❤️🤗🌹

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  14. Shanyu says:

    This is poignant and strong and very very beautiful. I can’t believe my eyes

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    • Shanyu says:

      There are some lines that literally leave me gasping for air. This was such a clear and concise piece that packed a great punch. It has been long since I have read such influential poetry. I absolutely love the edge of hope in the poem. We, humans will keep going on and creating. It’s just a matter of time and the occasional resilience.
      I take back some amazing thoughts after reading this. Kudos.

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  15. Thank you Shanyu for these beautiful comments, that could only come from a creative mind such as yours! You inspire me to keep writing, as this subject is very near and dear to my heart.. Yes, life must always have that edge of hope…we as humans, need to find it…even in the darkest moments..hope is what keeps us living.. loving, creating and thriving! Thank you for this eloquent reply to my poem…I cherish it.

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  16. Jaya Avendel says:

    I love the way this so powerfully explores the creative layers of the inner self in language that flows and leaves me immersed in feeling!

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    • Thank you so much Jaya…I know by reading a few of your beautiful poems and also your subtext “May The Words Flow” that you totally know what this poem is saying, because you tap into that source and let it flow freely from your fingers..from your pen. Thank you so much for immersing yourself in this flowing river.. and for your sensitive comment…❤️🌹

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