This Too Is An Act of Charity

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When you put down your phone a minute
and go to you grandmother’s room,
and sit in a chair close by her bed, and ask her,
“Gramma, tell me how it was, before?… before all the cars
and sickness and internet; tell me how you rode your horse everywhere
and there was fish in the sea for everyone?
If you do that willingly… you will learn many new things
while being with her….and; this too is an act of charity

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When you cut up papaya and lay out the bananas whole,
washing the boards so they don’t smell like squirrels…
and you leave the scene alone and wait for the first customer
and there he is, she is, they have been eating all day; they don’t need your food
and yet you offer something they love not growing on the vine or stalk right now,
a dessert, a soft banana or papaya pudding for babies to gobble up easily…
and you never expect them to pay you back … this too is an act of charity.

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When you walk in the streets, mask in place, keeping your distance
and you see people busy and people afraid to be out.
You come across such white faces, that never see the sun.
You pass by people breathing big sighs, just to be outside again…
and in all this hustle bustle, you choose a face, standing maybe in a doorway,
or you see a face waiting to cross the street and even with your own face hidden
by your mask, you give them the brightest smile, your eyes twinkle and curl
at the corners, until there is no doubt you are smiling at them, because their eyes  smile and crinkle back at you; even this is an act of charity.

Karima Hoisan
April 17th 2021 (Ramadan)
Costa Rica


*Footnote In Ramadan we are asked to consciously be more charitable.
And, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Smiling in your brother’s face is an act of charity” (At-Tirmidhi; Declared Authentic by Al-Albani)

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24 Responses to This Too Is An Act of Charity

  1. I have had thoughts about those times. Before the cars and before the wars

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  2. daleinnis says:

    This is excellent! Charity, generosity, is as good for the giver as the receiver. And it can be so simple and easy! Beautifully put, as ever.

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    • Thank you Dale…there are so many acts of charity that are more subtle than giving money ( money might be the easiest form)…Another could be listening to weird music videos that your kids love….and you don’t so much. Just giving someone your time, when maybe you wouldn’t do that normally….kindness is also a form of charity. Just leaving your comment fits in there too…taking the time for someone else

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  3. Jeff Flesch says:

    Wow. I am always moved by your poetry, Karima; and, this one, my friend, moved me even more. Touched me deeply. Absolutely beautiful. 🌺❤️😊🙏💕

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    • Thank you so much Jeff…I am happy this one could touch you…I want to clarify..the word charity as I am using it, in this poem…Yes, it is an act of love, of kindness, a good deed as we also say in Arabic, hasanat pl (hasanah) that is like, mitzvah in Hebrew.

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  4. Such a lovely post you reminded me of my Grandma 🙏🙂💐 have good weekend 🍕🏠🎉

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  5. 👏 👏 Karima 👏 👏

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  6. Diana says:

    A very moving poem, Habibti! Loved the way you started it, and the ending was perfect! Charity can lie in the simplest of acts.. Stay blessed dear Karima.❤️💐🙏🤗🎁🌹💫

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    • Thank you habeebity, yes sometimes we forget that as we go about our busy programmed days. Stay blessed and well my sweet poetic friend…I always love hearing your thoughts ❤️🤗🙏🌹🌟🌈✨


  7. Patricia says:

    La vida consciente. Los pequeños detalles para los que amamos. La plenitud del momento. Gracias, qué bonito!

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    • Muchas gracias Patricia…Sí exactamente…la “vida consciente”:) Aveces yo digo en Inglés, Lucid Living La Vida Lúcida:) Si recordando los pequeños detalles que pueden hacer mucha diferencia por lo demás! ❤️🤗🙏

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  8. Abu Yaqub says:

    Great poem and reminder for us to be more charitable in the month of Ramadan

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  9. Robin Saikia says:

    If only it can be sustained all the year round. A wonderful piece.

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