In Dreams

ea1c728bba743aeaca46b547352864c8 2“just like it was taught to me…”

In my dreams, I can run
and I run up unknown stairs, f
light after flight.

I talk to people in crowded city streets…
No one wears masks, and we have not yet had a plague.
People are in motion, hopefully making plans, breathing the air
which grows purer and less polluted while they talk and smile.
Depression is a thing of the past, as we all get out of ourselves
and help those around us. We begin to love to talk to strangers
and see them more like extended family, than unknowns.
There is no war, no killing, no misunderstandings; guns have not been invented.

In my dreams, of course I fly…not too high, but I taste the grace and freedom.
I happily teach others how to do it too… just like it was taught to me.
We all throw ourselves forward and we don’t hit the ground, but hover and ascend
We fly low, the wind blowing our hair, about the height of a stoplight.
The thing that really strikes me, is how we all giggle like a flock of parakeets.
We experience this euphoria together as we all let go and trust each other.
We trust this collective miracle that defies gravity and liberates our souls
still in our bodies, but less burdened and heavy, unencumbered and feather -weight.

Then I awake.

Karima Hoisan
May 18,2021
Costa Rica

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23 Responses to In Dreams

  1. Ah, this is splendid work. That finale… I love every word here ❤️

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  2. Oh my. Gabriela,.now I have escaped into orbit..and really, it brought a sting of tears too. Thank you my generous and talented friend..


  3. Diana says:

    Oh dear Karima.. What a dream!! I wish it were true! I too, wish the same. This world is just so dreadfully bleak at the moment. I hope things get better soon… Do stay blessed Habibti..have a great day❤️🤗💫🎁🙏💐

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  4. daleinnis says:

    I do love that dream! And so beautifully described. As always your words are both so personal and so universal; we all yearn for that freedom.

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    • Thank you Dale…I’m glad you saw my poem in this way..personal/universal…I think in these hard times we are living, dreaming is one of the few pleasures left to us.. I look forward to the nighttime and the rising of the curtain…


  5. janbetts says:

    Ah… the dream.Then to wake. Then, illusions within the dream… delusions within the waking…WakingDreamingWaking in the dreamDreaming in the wakingEntanglementsMadness and sanitySearch for the portalThrough which to find blessed peaceI bow before a simple blade of grassLet river sounds like ecstasy wash my mind clearThe fresh clean air purifiesSunshine brightens livingLight Mind

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    • So nice to see WordPress let you in Jan:) You words are a poem in itself and show that you have gone many times to the dream world and pondered and seen and brought back wisdom and beauty and hope. You have seen the dream, been the dream, and woken up changed. Ahhh to be bathed in living light…and we all can do that!!… Big hugs and thank you for this beautiful comment.


  6. Hoyt says:

    I love your utopian collective miracle Ruca. Your mother would be so proud of you as I know she sewed this seed decades ago. Everyone should embrace this poem and this idea. Some famous guy once said, “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

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    • True, my mom would definitely approve, but she would be unprepared for the times we now are living in and calling reality.. Oh Hoyt, you know my story well.. and yes to dream is not a crime and if “I can be in your dream, you can be in mine” Bob Dylan said that:) Thank you my dear friend for your comment…


  7. This line just so captivating (as well as many others): “In my dreams, of course I fly…not too high, but I taste the grace and freedom.” I like this too: “collective miracle”; that seems to be the joy of life. Fantastic post!

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  8. Ace says:

    This is amazing, Karima! I am just in awe of this beautiful masterpiece!!! You have such a gift!!! Keep shining and inspiring! I feel so lucky to connect with you and your AMAZING work!!! 🖤🖤🤗

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    • Thank you Ace for your inspiring words and welcome to my blog:) I have Benjamin to thank for this and I do…I too am getting to know your poetic mind and I look forward to reading more of you:) You come, very highly recommended:):) 🤗

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      • Ace says:

        Aww of course, I mean every word!!! And I have Ben to thank for meeting you 🤗. Awwww what a touching and kind thing to say, I feel very blessed to know you!!! I look forward to reading more of you and yes, come visit me anytime!! You’re such a beautiful soul, I can tell 🖤🤗

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  9. Smiling from ear to ear…Beautiful souls?? It takes know one:):) Thank you Ace.. I feel you:)🤗


  10. sercan455 says:

    Me encantó! Considero que es el sueño de muchos de los que habitamos este bendito planeta. Abrazos

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