Your Choice


Where have you gone? Where are you now?
Can memories, dissolve in Time’s ocean,
like foam on waves rolling out to sea?
There is nowhere to even look for you…
as I am not sure who you were, 
or even why I never knew.

Everything was your choice and yet,
I thought, because of who I was to you,
I could choose too.
The truth would have set us free,
or end us like a ship wreck on the rocks.
You were so afraid to take that chance,
but love is always stronger than our doubts;
against the lies and half truths,
love is what would always win out.

Because we loved so uncommonly,
without romance
and desire
or long term plans;
all we ever pictured… we could do…
our gift was creating lasting beauty together
you and and you…you and me
and thrill all those who came to see.

I wonder if you ever thought,
how sad I might be
if I ever lost you,
before I ever got to really know you?
If you were ever swept up in God’s shuffle,
without once reaching out, to let me glimpse
that unimaginable housing,
where your soul surely did reside.

I would have sheltered you from yourself
your fears and your reasons to hide.
I would have said,
“Nothing you could say would make me leave”
I promise you, I would have steadfastly stayed
by your side, every year, every day
If you just would not have been afraid
to let me see and to let me really know
who you truly were… behind the scenes.

Karima Hoisan
March 2, 2022
Costa Rica

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41 Responses to Your Choice

  1. Joey says:

    Sad and beautiful. Thank you for this one ❤
    Hugs, Joey

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  2. Wow – this is so raw. It’s humbling to be allowed to read it.


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  3. johncoyote says:

    Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    A amazing dance of words for love by a talented writer

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  4. johncoyote says:

    Hello dear Karima. I loved the poetry. What we didn’t do. We remember more than what we did.

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  5. KK says:

    I agree.. Iove is always stronger than our doubts, the lies and half truths. Words and emotions are so natural, so easy flowing, coming straight from the bottom of your heart, as usual. Lovely poetry, Karima 💐🍁💖

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  6. Harshi says:

    Complex emotions wrapped so delicately with the fine thread of poignant words! Karima, this is beautiful, beyond words.

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  7. such beautiful honesty raw with emotion Dear Karima.. love your poem 💖

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    • Thank you so much Cindy for your words on this one..Sometimes in processing a hard event, we are tossed around seeing many sides..when we think we are finally, “healed” all of a sudden, we see it in a different way..Thank you for your beautiful comment.

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  8. Jaya Avendel says:

    What lovely words that flow sweetly on the tongue to the tang in the final line!

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  9. Jeff Flesch says:

    This is so beautiful, Karima. It speaks to me of the depth of human connection, and the deep love that blossoms in our hearts for each other when this deep connection manifests. I adore how you write about this love not being about romance, desire, and long term plans. There are so many ways to love, to love deeply, and you have given us a wonderfully experience of this in this gorgeous poem. 🌹💫❤️🌼🤗

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    • Thank you Jeff for delving into the essence of my poem…and also for seeing that yes, there are so many ways to love..I know you have also lived this in your own life. You are a very sensitive soul who has pondered love from many angles, and found the words to write about it too.. I am glad my poem vibrated to you on this level:) Have a wonderful weekend my friend..❤️🌹🦋🤗


  10. Navin says:

    Such heartfelt poem…the emotions are flowing beautifully…I can intensely feel your words…what we believe & see and how the reality is could be two different things…it reminded me of your poem – Green Screen…Your Choice shows the pain, the love, the sadness & the lack trust as well…but one things is crystal clear that love will always be love no matter what…keep expressing, Karima 💫

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    • Dearest Navin..thank you for stopping by:) Interesting you could compare this to Green Screen, which has a very different feeling and is quite playful and satiric…but I see what you mean..both do deal with deception of some sort and yes that always causes pain, and questions, usually without answers. “Love with always be love” I totally agree with you and in the will win out, even if it’s too late to fix helps us forgive. Thank you so much for sharing your deep insight with me in this comment.

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      • Navin says:

        You’re welcome, dear Karima…the reason this poem reminded me a bit of Green Screen was deception…lack of trust…true, in the end, love will win out…beautifully said…sometimes, things don’t need to be fixed…they are as they’re supposed to be…we take time to figure that out at times…then only, we truly understand the how & the why…it makes our process & the journey lighter as well…thank you for writing such a beautiful poem, Karima ✨


  11. These are beautiful and touching words. I can sense the emotion in these lines.

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    • Thank you David…yes this poem was born from an emotional place and helps to forgive and to comprehend that each of us is so very different.. To understand and get along in Life, I think we need to work on understanding that truth.

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  12. Very nice, Karima!

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  13. Oh, it so feels like you were talking to me, about me, Karima. Felt it right there. We rarely ever open completely even with the people we claim to love. Always afraid of exposing our scars and ugliness. Even when knowing they are the ones who can cure it. Soothing as always. Intimate, and sad.

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    • Hi Sundaram..oh wow.. interesting you felt it for you.. but what you say is so true.. Yes that fear that if they know “who we REALLY are…” they won’t be able to love us like before. Thank you my friend… your adjectives are perfect “intimate and sad” Yes..but as writers we have the possibility to get it out and this is a great advantage I think.. It does help us heal… Thank you once more, for sharing your honesty and your transparency,,,🙏


  14. jonicaggiano says:

    My dear Karima every line more beautiful than the first. I love the way you started this piece and where it lead. Your honesty flows throughout and your sweet soul. Love is such a precious gift and we never know when something might take it unexpectedly, out of the equation. The war is one of those things that seem to happen so fast and it is so tragic and why, we just have to ask ourselves why. Why can’t we just love one another? When I was reading this I thought of a movie I saw that affected mean profoundly. It was ages ago and was based on a true story. A nurse was in a horrible accident and her face was literally like shard glass. She no longer had lips, teeth, as the bottom half of her face was destroyed. Her husband left her ashamed to be seen with her. A plastic surgeon who was beautiful both on the inside and out provided years of procedures on her. She was able to work on the ward where coma patients were as other people were frightened of her. Eventually her face was pretty much restored. The first Dr. to use vaginal tissue to reconstruct lips because that skin was similar in color. Every surgery was a fight for this man as it took tremendous resources, but he fought because he wanted people to be able to see her again. He feel so in love with her. The spirit, strength, depth and tenderness with the patients she worked with completely won his heart over. In the end she had a man who loved her regardless of how she looked or what their relationship might be, because of who she was inside. This is what I though of when I read your beautiful poetry. Love is so much deeper than sex, or appearance. Real love last because their is a connection with the soul and heart of another human being. A closeness that is cherished, where trust exist and the desire to take care of the other person is extremely strong. This piece has many messages about love, thank you for sharing it with us Karima. You are such a gifted poet.

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    • Oh Joni…I am overwhelmed with your comment..with your sharing this movie and yes how love does see deeper than the flesh when it’s true love..Love is profound not superficial and It’s loyal..I am reminded of a picture I saw a few days ago..of a dog walker who was mauled and totally lost her face. It’s gone…and there she was sitting with her boyfriend on a couch and him holding her…very moving and reminds me of this comment that you shared. Thank you my dear friend..for really feeling my poetry.. I know I am not everyone’s cup of tea…but I am so glad I’m yours…Hugs and so much love…Kari ❤️

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      • jonicaggiano says:

        I don’t know how anyone couldn’t enjoy both your movies and your poetry. How wonderful the love that you witnessed. That is real love. Physical love is wonderful but if that is all you have that love will not last. Sending you my love and I love your work Kari. Love and many hugs, Joni ❤️


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