You Brought The Music


You Brought The Music
for Sundaram
(from a dream)

In a dream I had this morning, you brought the music and a friend.
I was living in a cottage with a park that stretched for miles
laid out in front like a soft green carpet floor.
You said, “Come on let’s dance and grabbing each my hand,
 you both pulled me out the door.
You brought a box you said would play the music and even before
you got it in its  place  it was pumping out these amazing sounds
I had never heard before.
But.. it made me want to move my feet…and we all began to dance.
We three lifted our weightless arms in the air,
we moved so gracefully as if we were but leaves
being tossed on the fragrant breeze.. that carried
along with us, the smells of incense, flowers after a rain and
a beautiful flowering tree, standing there, like a centerpiece.

In the four corners of the park, we saw people gathered somberly.
Some were praying or hearing lectures and it seemed various
religious sects, were accustomed to meet there weekly.
Some were standing, some were kneeling, some were meditating,
I was wondering if we might be trespassing, but I saw that
the center of the park was free.

The sun shone down upon our faces and we all felt so alive,
The warmth, the smells, the music, and our beautiful hands,
stretched up almost touching the sky,
Our feet swaying and twirling to the beat,
I looked over at you laughing and I was laughing too;
you mouthed a word and the wind brought it to my ear
in a tone of joyous whispered, “Magic!”

Then the people in the corners of the park, began to leave..
Some were walking to their cars and some just walking down the street,
but a few came walking towards us as if they had something they wished to say.
We never stopped our dancing, but we looked towards them on their way.
The taller man, as the spokesman for them all, addressed himself to me.
“You know these men are Hindu and you are Muslim, he said accusingly,
and here you are dancing in this park, in the light of day, in a public way.
“Do you have anything to say for yourself anything you could possibly say?”

“Well yes, you are correct I am Muslim and they are Hindu…
 and just look how beautifully and gracefully we dance together!”

Karima Hoisan
March 6, 2022
Costa Rica

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33 Responses to You Brought The Music

  1. daleinnis says:

    What a wonderful dream! And a beautiful poem. I needed this smile today. 🙂

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  2. This poem made me want to get up and dance!

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  3. Gorgeous my fabulous Karima ❤️❤️❤️

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  4. Aww take your time and good to see you back here ❤️🤗🌹


  5. Jeff Flesch says:

    What a gorgeous ode to human diversity and connection. A glorious write that goes beyond perceived differences to land within the same hearts we all have. And, the magical way you create the ambience of the setting left me breathless, “we moved so gracefully as if we were but leaves being tossed on the fragrant breeze.. that carried along with us, the smells of incense, flowers after a rain and a beautiful flowering tree, standing there, like a centerpiece.” How amazingly beautiful, Karima. I love it. ✨🌹❤️🌸🤗💫

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    • Oh Jeff, what an amazing comment you left for me to find.. The dream in itself was almost visionary in that the colors were so bright and what people spoke was engraved on my brain…The rest was just a feeling of euphoria and joy and being alive. I am not that great at remembering my this was, even for me, was special. Thank you so much for this comment..I cherish it Jeff..Your sensitivity and poetic soul seems to enter so easily into my word scenes,,,I love that.. Hope your week is good and full of peace and creativity🙏❤️🤗🌹🦋


  6. Joey says:

    Beautiful, Karima! If we could all meet in the middle and dance together, what a peaceful world it would be. I love this one ❤

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    • Awww thank you Joey…Yes my subconscious was pondering this thought I guess.. I just love how our dreamworld puts it all together in a second or two..scenery, music, actors , plots etc etc…. so amazing. Loved your comment..❤️

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  7. KK says:

    It’s said that a dream seen in the morning comes true. And why not? Music brings magic, a lively experience beyond the concepts of religions and sects. The better option is to dance and sing together. Beautiful thoughts, Karima 😊💐❤️

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    • That’s a new thought for me Kaushal, ” a dream seen in the morning comes true.” But I love it and this one was like a 5am Let’s hope. Yes, music is the magical and common bring all of us together…. Wish we could get that chance more often in real life and not just in our dreams ❤️🤗🌹🙏🕺💃🏻

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  8. I love the way you use the dream as an expression of hope. For so long it seems that faith has often been the divider rather than the unifier and yet the qualities of compassion, caring and love form the core of so many. A beautiful read. My neighbours originally came to the UK from Pakistan to work in cotton mills and they love to share festivals with us, we discovered their children also like to share our festivals.

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    • Hi David, thank you for this beautiful comment,I’m sorry to say I just saw this is why you have not heard from me. How wonderful you all share your festivals…It is possible to join instead of divide…but someone always has to make that first move forward:)

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  9. Harshi says:

    This poem is such a joyous celebration of humanity! Cheers, Karima!

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  10. Navin says:

    What a beautiful dream with such deeper meaning, Karima…your poem is captivating with amazing rythm & dancing scene…no matter which religion, culture, country or anything of that sort one is from…we all are hearts…pure energy…you expressed it so well…moving & dancing gracefully…peace & love is what we breathe 💫

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  11. Love everything you said here Navin: “we all are hearts…pure energy…you expressed it so well…moving & dancing gracefully…peace & love is what we breathe ” Yes in the end we are all beings in the human form…living on the same fragile planet at the same perilous time..just that alone should be enough for us to drop our barriers and join hands and dance as one.❤️ Thank you for your beautiful thoughts on my poem/dream.

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    • Navin says:

      How beautiful said…”Yes in the end we are all beings in the human form…living on the same fragile planet at the same perilous time..just that alone should be enough for us to drop our barriers and join hands and dance as one”…Very true…it’s my pleasure & honour to read your wonderful writings Karima ✨ ❤️ 💫

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  12. Hi. Finally I’m here. And of course I love it. I loved it the moment I read it. What a dream… And I’m honoured to have made a guest appearance in that. A dance of spirits. And the only religion they know is dance, music, love… You can make a poem out of just about anything Karima. And so quick. Thanks for the dedication. Really wish I could see the whole scene in one of your youtube videos. 🙂 Take care.

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    • Hello Sundaram…welcome! Glad you found your way to your poem…The subconscious mind is a wonder isn’t it? I never did get the name of your friend you brought along, but he was a fabulous dancer too:) Thank you for you words and appreciation of how this dream turned into poetry..they do that sometimes… but not all times, so it is always a joy for me when they bridge that transition..and can be shared.. Waiting to read you soon…just send smoke signals when you are ready to show me something..and thank you my friend..for your great choice in music:) and your friendship🙏

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  13. jonicaggiano says:

    This is visually stunning and very lovely writing. I can see the leaves moving while you three dance. I love that the meaning is deeply felt that we don’t have to worship the same as others in order to be accepting and loving towards one another. Dancing in the sun feeling weightless, just so lovely. The ending was beautiful dear Karima. Surprised the man who approached, I love it. Perhaps some day we will accept one another by each other’s kindness, loving and welcoming ways. Beautiful my friend. Sending you many hugs and lots of love. Joni

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    • Thank you my loving friend and as I mentioned in my reply in another post..I am trying to bring this scene to the “small screen” Nat had a wonderful computer and the best software for video making…I have my little 7 year old 15″ laptop that keeps chugging along.. but not the best for making movies..Still..I have ideas and now some talented fairies to sew costumes *winks…So I will give it my all…at the moment I am trying to write the music and then I need to build the set,,,and a million other things..but this is what I most LOVE doing,,,bringing to life something from nothing…and I do think..this poem has a nice message to share.. Crossing fingers.. I agree with you,.the leaves moving is a crucial scene in the dance,,,all entwined with the hands:) Big hugs and lots of love to you Joni..Thank you always for your special support❤️🤗🌹

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      • jonicaggiano says:

        How wonderfully exciting Karima. How do you ever get all that done. It must take months. What a lot of wonderful ideas you already have. I really am surprised you don’t do this in LA or no one has snatched you up. I always love your music. I loved the beautiful mermaids 🧜‍♀️. Did you make those costumes as they were amazing. Please keep me informed about how it is going. Sending you lots of love and big hugs. ❤️🤗🦋💕🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🍁🍁🍂🍂Joni

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  16. DzinWiz Babii says:

    My immersion in your productions always takes me a few views over days to fully capture the emotions your work invokes. Literally, this last viewing (my 6th or more, lol) is where I got caught up in the visuals behind the credits and saw how at the end, the Accuser was dancing with the Hindu man – talk about barriers broken! Having read the poem first, then seeing it, it felt as if I had seen it wondrously and perfectly materialize. Fantastic reveal of how your passion burns, fueling your creativity at breakneck speeds as if you can’t wait to ‘birth the baby’ (lol). I love how you instinctively capture ALL the most relevant focus points and weave the story so seamlessly, yet leave us – the viewers – with several perspectives to dwell on. Standing Ovation, my darling Sissy-Poo… you rocked this production in every nook and cranny, and are well into the coming of your own ((hugs)). I loved being part of it and to bear witness to your infinite creativity (as well as a certain individual’s ((ahem)) soon-to-be-legendary bun reveal ((howlsssssssss))


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