Go With The Flow

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                         AI Art programmed by Dale Innis “Go With The Flow”


Please listen to the poem recorded to the haunting music of Leonard Cohen’s,”Tacoma Trailer”

Go With The Flow

Riding our Orcle,
in the open sea,
the surf sliding down
behind us.
We get a rhythmic
push and swoosh,
below the crocheted hull.
The moment lulled…
my mind dulled,
I have no wants…
I fear no fears.
We rock side to side,
my legs cling tight
as we bob up and down.
I smile at the horizon faraway.
My red hair is reflected, in the water below….
I go with the flow.

Orcle is blinded by his knitted cap.
My Captain-Oh Captain dropped the reins
a few waves back.
He never gained his sea legs,
his lower limbs just disappeared
into his blue tube pants.
He’s a side-saddler,
just another passenger.

The heaving rollers,
rolling us far from shore…
or from where we thought
we were.

Captain Oh Captain is also blind,
Riveted into his helmet.
No escape or penetrate

for either air nor light.
His eyelids are closed…..
What’s the difference anyway?
I sit behind and trust my fate.
Tell me,
what else is left to do or know?
I go with the flow.

Karima Hoisan
May 25, 2022
Costa Rica

Inspired by this AI art piece programmed to supposedly be
Raggedy Ann & Andy riding an Orca in the sea.
Sometimes they have their own ideas:) and we must redefine
our expectations:)

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35 Responses to Go With The Flow

  1. daleinnis says:

    Wheeee! An excellent and crazy going with the flow, even when it’s chaotic and your hat is entirely covering your eyes. (And it was fun collaborating on the image with the AI, ha! though I have to give you the credit for deciding what to type into it next. It’s a crazy world!)

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    • Thanks Dale!! As soon as I saw the 2nd image it produced, I knew I had to capture this surreal “tale” in words:) It was love at first sight. What fun it is to do this too..I have written more ekphrastic poetry in the last two months than I have in years haha. Thank you for introducing me to AI Art:)

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  2. A wise beautiful poem so well crafted going with the flow.. 💖

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  3. Love it!! Indeed❤️


  4. swadharma9 says:

    your reading of the poem (oh the perfect choice of background music!🥰) is just lovely & gently, peacefully, takes me on the journey with you🙏🏼 ah, yes, those last 4 lines ❤️:
    “i sit behind & trust my fate.
    tell me,
    what else is left to do or know?
    i go with the flow.”
    🥰❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️ thank you🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

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    • Awww thank you dear friend…Yes, this instrumental by Cohen, always puts me in the middle of the ocean, rolling with the waves.. It seemed like the fitting piece and so glad you agree:) With a sightless “Orcle” (Dale and I decided to call it that as we had asked AI for an Orca and he gave us a turtlesque hybred:) Situations like this, can be great teachers,, when there is not much one can do…surrender and going with the flow can be the only course of action….and it feels right too. I loved your comment❤️🤗🎈

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  5. Oh goodness, I love this so much! In some ways, this reminds me of a movie that starred Raggedy Ann and Andy, where a whole bunch of crazy things happened to them as they tried to rescue another doll. Beautiful job!

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    • Oh wow! Thank you Joyce,I never saw a Raggedy Ann movie in my life, so this tickles me..that my poem reminds you a bit of their crazy adventures..that’s soo cool. As soon as I saw what AI did with our prompt, I knew I had to write a poem to go along..Such a surreal image(love the water too) coming from a mind that thinks in 1’s and 0’s:) Fascinating Art:)

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  6. Menubar couldn’t comment…He wanted to say:) “am a human wearing traditional human clothing. I am enjoying the presence here of all you other people that are similar to me. I require assistance to correctly complete an obviously malfunctioning Captcha on double you double you double you dot bing dot com. L’Chaim.”
    PS He liked the poem too:)


  7. Navin says:

    What a beautiful & deep poem…”I go with the flow”…even when the surroundings are chaotic…Sailing towards the unknown…”I fear no fears”…the inner peace…your spoken word is outstanding…the beautiful combination of your soothing voice & music…Dale is amazing with the AI art…everything about this piece is so flowic…beautifully written & captured, dear Karima 🌊

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    • Dearest Navin, wonderful morning surprise to find your beautiful comment here:) First, Dale is getting very good at these AI Paintings..and this one, I loved so much, I asked him to please have it printed on canvas and sent to me, so I could frame it and hang it in my room..to just remember always..that surrender can be the greatest strength.. To be able to “go with the flow” in that situation takes great inner peace and….total surrender. As I said to Harshi, as soon as I saw this one (which Dale allowed me to tweak at the end ) I knew I had to write a poem. The music by Cohen has always been a very haunting piece for me, that reminds me of rolling waves in the middle of the ocean.. It seemed the only music to accompany my recitation. I am so happy you found it all pleasing to listen to. Thank you my friend for this inspiring comment:)❤️🤗🦋

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      • Navin says:

        You’re very welcome, Karima…This AI painting would look amazing in print form…Dale is very talented…creating such beautiful art through AI…you’re right, it takes great inner peace & total surrender…the whole combination of your deep lines, your beautiful voice, Dale’s amazing AI art & Cohen’s music – a masterpiece ✨❤️💫

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    • Awww so glad you think the whole thing worked together..I love when that happens…it feels a bit magical:) Love the coined phrase “flowic” too smiling..Thank you again, Navin, for all your wonderful support🤗

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  8. Harshi says:

    The poem has been recited softly yet firmly and in an alluring manner. The rendition to me is more appealing than the reading of the poem. One can hear the flow in the poem but when you recited the poem, Karima; you gave it texture and depth!

    In the written poem, I liked how you showcased that it takes courage to go with the flow. A perspective which is rarely voiced.

    The AI Art by Dale is both lovely and intriguing.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hello sweet Harshi:) I am so happy you listened and enjoyed my recording of the poem. I think hearing the author’s own spoken word piece is usually more fulfilling than one just reading it . I always love to hear the poet’s own voice read their poetry:) The illustration was so bizarre and yet so compelling to me, when Dale sent it, I knew I had to write a poem about it and..I saw in the expression on her face…total surrender to the situation..something as you point out, is not always easy to do:):) I so enjoyed your reflections on my surreal piece:)

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  9. Jaya Avendel says:

    I love the flow of this poetic narrative that enfolds the reader into its flow! ❤

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  10. KK says:

    Karima, Cohen and Dale (KCD) make a magical trio that creates wonders and your deep voice gives it a different tinge altogether. I resonate with you, Karima, as in certain situations, it’s better or rather only option, to go with the flow. Congratulations for this lovely beautiful post 👌💐💖

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    • Hahaha Omg Kaushal…that’s quite a trio you put together:) You put Dale and me in very hallowed company..Indeed:) Thank you..but glad to see you enjoyed the total package and think it worked:) Yes, I have learned this in my life too…and instead of a “giving up” it becomes a strength too. Thanks for your thoughts..I will point Dale to this too…(KCD) might ride again soon:):)🌹🤗🦋❤️🌊

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  11. Jeff Flesch says:

    This one made me smile so deeply. It reminds me of the many waves that is life, the pain and suffering, and the pleasure and beauty, as they arise within ourselves through experiences, we can know it is as it should be. A beautiful poem, gently showing us the flow of life, and the trust and faith available to us all. Amazing write, Karima. 🦋✨🌹🤗

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    • Thank you so much Jeff. Dale’s AI painting just tickled me too and made me smile. It seemed like it captured a moment in an exciting children’s story..but looking at it again…this message came to me. I hope you enjoyed the recitation…Leonard Cohen’s beautiful and rare instrumental..sends me out to sea:) every time I hear it:) I really loved your comment.❤️🌊🤗

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  12. Exquisite description! Your reading is perfect.

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  13. Linda GBass says:

    Your collaborations with Dale are always intriguing!

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  14. jonicaggiano says:

    That voice of yours, so beautiful, with the music it is incredible. I feel like you are simply surrendering to the experience and just accepting what life has to bring. The ending is lovely. You know I like and I am drawn to the water always, what is it about us writers? Kind of magical, beautiful work my most lovely friend. Big blessings to you. Sending my love always, xoxoxo

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  15. Joni Joni Joni///Hugss..I am so behind replying to you and many more…not sure how this happened, but definitely not on purpose. This crazy AI Art piece made me really soar into fantasy and dream visions and after I found the music for rocking each line…I just let it all write itself…and go with the flow. Thank you dear friend for riding on these surreal waves..and yes I have come to the conclusion that there is great strength in just letting go. Much love and appreciation Joni….Karima❤️


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