Karima Performs @ Opensim Fest 2022 Friday July 8th 11:00 am PDT


     July 8th 11 am PDT at Opensim Fest 2022
Karima Hoisan Stage 3

Hi everyone:)

I am very thrilled to announce that I will be doing a very special one hour reading on stream as one of the 95!! entertainers that will be performing over 3 three weekends!
I have been a resident in Kitely for 11 years, but this will be my first reading in Opensim….ever!

OSFest celebrates the creative talents of residents in the decentralized Hyperverse sector of the Metaverse. They welcome residents of any world, merchants, exhibit presenters, and entertainment artists. For two full weeks, including three weekends, they’ll have music, dance, art, and merchant expos in one place!
stagehot_002 2

I have built a cozy stage with comfy chairs and ambiance to get settled and let me entertain you between 11 am PDT and 12 noon on July 8th (Opening Day!)

My set is keeping with my Goth look and attire. I hope all will find it more cozy than  scary..plus I will be fang-less for this important event.;)
Thirza Ember, who heads up Hypergrid Safari, included me in a cool post about this upcoming get-together.
In her blog she included me as the 2nd good reason to come to Opensim Fest
in her article. Three Good Reasons
In her interview she asked me…
Thirza Ember: How did you end up volunteering to perform for OpensimFest?
I answered…

Karima Hoisan : When Rosa Alekseev asked me to form part of the line-up I was proud and delighted to be part of this magnificent event, It will be my first public reading in Opensim. I have performed continually in SL for 14 years! I really look forward to entertaining the Opensim community as my way of collaborating with you all.
For You Hypergridders Click here to get the address: Karima Hoisan:Stage 3 Opensim Fest
Wish me luck!!

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34 Responses to Karima Performs @ Opensim Fest 2022 Friday July 8th 11:00 am PDT

  1. Let me first to say it sounds frightfully fantastic and I’d love front row seat tickets but unfortunately I will have to miss this times since I will be hanging off bars in the gym at that time with clients. Unfortunately, not the ones ove cocktails. Do have the best time and I’ll wait to hear all after. Break a leg Karima!

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  2. Jeff Flesch says:

    How wonderful, Karima! Your reading will be amazing, as they always are. Good luck!! ❤️🤗🌹✨

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    • Thank you so much Jeff,,this is a first time for me in Opensim (Not the 2nd Life Platform)..so it’s exciting and a bit unnerving…but once it starts…I will be fine Inshallah:) 🙏🤗❤️


  3. Poetry Goddess says:

    Ohh another performance?? How fun! Update me soon

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  4. Navin says:

    How cool & wonderful…looking forward to listening to you…I’m sure you’d be in your essence, dear Karima ❤️

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    • Thank you so much dear Navin..for your good wishes and your confidence in me:) I hope you will enjoy it when you hear the recording… Some poems, I read last time, but the majority have not been read for awhile:) Some like Swamp House..I almost always get asked to do..The last poem is a very special one to me…I hope you will enter into it..:)

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  5. calmkate says:

    sounds exciting, enjoy … I know your viewers will 😉

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  6. KK says:

    That’s really wonderful, Karima! Have a nice time. All the best wishes 👍👍💐🌹

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    • Hi Kaushal, a bit nervous but hope to have a good time..once I begin..Stage fright is something I have suffered all my life:) The good thing is. that it keeps you on your toes…Hope you will enjoy it as a podcast after:)Thanks for your support 🙏🌹❤️🌼

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  7. Jaya Avendel says:

    This sounds like a fabulous event, and I love how people can create backdrops and atmospheric stages! I hope to make it this time, in the event nothing else comes up. ❤

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  8. Good luck. I am sure you will be brilliant.

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  9. Oooooh, congratulations!

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  10. Wowwwww that’s really great! All the best on your endeavour :))

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  11. jonicaggiano says:

    Karima that sounds like a very big honor, congratulations to you my friend. They are in for a fantastic ride. I love the stage you have created. Beautiful, sending my love, support and I am very excited for you. Love Joni

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    • Awww thank you sweet friend..your warm wishes and confidence in me spur me on to give the best of myself I can… Big hugss and thank you for always backing me and my brand of poetry readings:):) Lots of love, Joni, Karima

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      • jonicaggiano says:

        Your work is always beautiful Karima and you have that sexy voice. I love it when you read your work. I feel the same about Navin. He has an amazing voice too. Sending you my love and whiffs of sweet fragrances from all over the world. Love, Joni

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  12. Aww thank you again Joni./Hard for me to gauge my own “sexy” voice but I totally agree about Navin:):) His voice is uber amazing, sexy and compelling:)


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