One -Way Door


                                         Path to Glory  by Dale Innis

One-Way Door

I still miss you
I shouldn’t.
My dreams obey no laws
of physics
or logic
and I still want you
here with me.

People who have
passed over
to the other side
ask me for favors
and I oblige.

I am never surprised
they are back
but maybe they’re not
and it’s I
who have just gone
pushed my way
through a one-way door
so I can
entertain the dead.

I have passed beyond
my dreams
into the land
we almost never see
until we finally
close our eyes,
that mist and veil
we call
the other side.

Now people long gone
briefly interact,
and I wonder
if I call them
or they call me?
Is this only nostalgia
or perhaps
a preparation
I was not yet
to see?

Are all of these
sleeping journeys
just to make the
passage easy
when some night,
that one-way door,
at the moment

that I step through…
will softly
close behind me?

Karima Hoisan
September 19,  2022
Costa Rica


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26 Responses to One -Way Door

  1. very poignant and beautiful, Karima.

    ya know, according to the Talmud, sleep is considered to be 1/60 of death.

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    • Aww thank you David…because of health things one after another, I have not been inspired.. but my subconscious, holding one on ones, with people no longer with us….made me wonder.. I love what the Talmud says about sleep..1/60 of death….That’s deep!

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  2. I think many of us become aware of moments when someone we have lost seems to reappear in our lives. Often when reading some of my father’s work I am surprised that it appears to be his voice that is reading to me. The human mind is an amazing thing and I do feel very blessed when such moments occur. It is as if his guidance and love have never gone away.

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    • Thank you so much David for sharing your own experiences in this realm of cross0ver communications. I love how you describe hearing your father, and I too feel very blessed when I awake from these dreams.


  3. Joey says:

    Oh Karima, this touches me so very gently. Your images are sweet rather than bitter and your verses have this natural graceful flow. Lovely! ❤

    Beautiful art, Dale! You have an eye for colors and forms and emotional impact. Keep it up 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Joey.. yes I feel no bitterness in this..just loving to connect…which can originate not only from me and this side:) So glad you enjoyed how it flowed.. This image and another Dale just did are new favorites….So happy I have a wealth of original illustrations..that at the rate Dale is going, should last me a lifetime:) Hugss


  4. daleinnis says:

    So lovely and poignant! “To die, to sleep, to sleep perchance to dream”. The idea of slipping back and forth through that one-way door is just the perfect image. Thank you!

    (And I’m so pleased that you used my image to illustrate it 😁)

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    • First…love this illustration, Dale, and thank you for making it (and all of them yay!) available to me…I am lucky indeed:) Yes, I have had three of these dreams in the last week….so interesting… and I do feel something is telling me to “pay attention”


  5. swadharma9 says:

    so moving❤️sends me on a journey somewhere deep inside beyond words🥰brings the Mystery closer🦋🌹🦋thank you my soulkin🙏🏼❤️

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  6. marcdbaker says:

    “Karima the Dreamer” Good title for you! I dream of you Karima. Like ships in the night passing each other on a never ending voyage, we sail into a future that you and I will never know. I wish you Peace and Tranquility Karima !


    • Hello marc,
      good to see you again and glad that my little dream poem made you dream too..Yes, that never-ending voyage as you say…certainly is an intriguing journey… Peace to you too marc…Always! 🙏


  7. Deep, poignant, and elegantly woven.

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  8. Jeff Flesch says:

    A beautifully aware write. There is much truth in the practice of sleep, and meditation too, as part of the final acceptance of and preparation for death, I think. I am glad to see your write today, and hope all is well with you, dear Karima. 🌹❤️🙏

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    • Hi Jeff, so nice to find your comment:) As I said in a note, I am suffering with my eyes, double vision, which makes prolonged computer time hard. I am hoping my special corrective glasses will be here next week..Meanwhile, I am not here online often, but hope to slowly and surely catch up. Thank you so much for reading this one..❤️

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  9. KK says:

    Poignant, but a beautiful post. Your words are too touching, particularly ending lines. But it happens at times with me too. Sleep is a good remedy and dreams are better one, if pleasant. When my mom expired around two and half years back, it was a different experience altogether for me. But let’s not think so much about the other side. You have a lot of creative things to do in this side of door. I’m fond of your poems and artwork. Keep it up. And yes, Dale’s image is perfectly matching your words.

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    • Thank you Kaushal for your beautiful and generous comment…You really touched me with your words. I am sorry you lost your mom (Allahyirhamha) It is my mom too that I am dreaming about, almost 3 times in one week..and in every dream, I never remember she is no longer with us..It seems natural to see and talk to her and usually I help her in one way or another. Thank you for saying you are fond of my poetry and artwork!! That means a lot to me:)

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  10. Awww Blessings to you too🙏


  11. A touching and profound piece 👌🏻


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