The Cold Road (Lyrics)


The Cold Road

You broke my heart, even though you didn’t want to.
I know you love me, just maybe not in ways that I do.
Without intention, you said some things that hurt me.
My heart is fragile, it comes apart too easily.

These are thoughts that come and go, when I walk down the Cold Road.
Without a heart to beat, each day for me, is just another heavy load.
The birds are calling out, because they’re about to fly away tomorrow;
Wish I’d be going with them, and find somewhere that’s kinder with less sorrow.

You think I’m needy and no longer stand up on my own,
No longer fun, am becoming one more burden you bemoan.
I don’t mean to add on, to all the eyes that watch you in your day,
I’d close mine forever, in the hope that you won’t up and go away.

I seem to be the last one, to know what you are thinking.
We are so different and I forget that when I’m sinking.
I feel bad now, that I didn’t see the truth or tried to hide it,
another foolish soul, blinded by love, that’s so one-sided.

These are thoughts that come and go, when I walk down the Cold Road.
Without a heart to beat, each day for me, is just another heavy load.
The birds are calling out, because they’re about to fly away tomorrow;
Wish I’d be going with them, and find somewhere that’s kinder with less sorrow.

Karima Hoisan
March 15, 2021
Costa Rica

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If These Walls Could Talk…

gdWhatsApp Image 2021-03-08 at 2.25.22 PM (1)

          Photo by Poett

If These Walls Could Talk

Someone once said, ”If these walls could talk…!”
They would write a trillion one- act plays,
each one set
in its own time and space..
with its unique characters method acting every line..

How we planned and laughed and invented meetings just to be together!
How we mourned the ones who passed, honored the old and sang songs and loved;
With our hands in the air gesturing wildly,  we relived that soccer game we just won,
We shared art, stories, tragedies, and why we’d be close forever, never to be forgotten.

The table strewn in tea cups and coffee mugs. and plates of FOOD we passed around;
we were a Latin episode of “Friends” that you will never see,
but we were the best of them..
and this was our room,
this is where we made the magic and we were family!

In the morning it fills with the light of the East..
the formal colors come alive
in orange, yellow and indigo madness.
Any bad vibes that might have snuck in at night,
are purged and cleansed by this persistent sunlight,
painting the floors and tables, in two coats of COLOR.

This living room is once again, ready to receive you.
I promise you will fall right into a couch and decide to never leave.
It’s the best host, the warmest receiver, the comfortable friend you have known for years..
This living room has its own spirit; it has had it forever…and I take no credit for that.
I just threw in some furniture, a long time ago… and then it came alive.

Karima Hoisan
March 13, 2021
Costa Rica

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In One Puff


In One Puff

The everyday..the simple, the light changing and coloring the room,
for a few minutes pure silence as the traffic mysteriously disappears.
I find I’m holding my breath in anticipation, of what? I’m not sure.
Now, the wind has hushed, the birds seem to be listening; I’m listening too.

The muse rustles the bushes, plays hide and seek on the shadows,
camouflaging, then revealing, she makes her way through my backyard.
What a very ordinary day, she has chosen, there’s nothing exceptional..but her.
Newborn birds, express an interest, wide-eyed in innocence they follow her light.

I don’t want to scare her away, so of course, I pretend I haven’t noticed,
her circling and twinkling as she traverses the lawn, hiding inside the palms
I feel she is teasing me and at the same time, answering my unconscious plea
It’s been some time now, since I fell into a poetic flow, and was carried away.

Have you ever seen your muse smiling as she approaches, all zig zag and playful?
I hope for at least a whisper in my ear, some idea, that I might use and call my own.
She is laughing and blows through my screen and in one puff, stands in front of me.
“So, you wish to write a poem today with nothing new to say? Done. Just sign it”

Karima Hoisan
March 12, 2021
Costa Rica

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Poetry and Me


Poetry and Me

I’m a poet.

It seems to me I’ve always been.

When kids my age were running after soccer balls,

I was nursing a dislocated knee…and writing poetry.

When other girls my age, in high school glided down the halls

I limped or tried to dissimulate and felt much less than all the rest.

But, by then I could write poetry.

I shared some with my closest friends and found they almost envied me.

Imagine that! Those graceful swans with well placed knees..actually envying me!!

After surgeries, and pins and casts, feeling more secure when I descended stairs

I felt my future bright and put away my notebooks full of verse, to finally ride a bike.

Now in later life, all those times, before I knew the damage I was doing

Putting on shows and amazing my peers by bending my elbows backwards

making all go “Wow!: when they saw me as their star contorting circus act,

twisting and turning my body like a pretzel, to their amazement and applause.

Now is when I pay the piper.. my once slippery joints, are locked and rusted, and it’s painful.

In this stage of my life..I picked up my poetry again, about 15 years ago..and never let it go.

I am pretty much immobile, need a cane, to traverse my home,

but for 15 years my poetry has been flowing and it is how I can still reach out.

I can touch others with my words, I keep an active blog, and feel a thrill when someone says to me,

“Thank you for that poem, you really touched and helped me” Am amazed to have readers from 62 countries!

Even if I no longer travel, I do and can through my poetry. I can’t tell you what that means to me.

In my limited condition, I still feel good about myself. I can still be an active part of humanity..

I can touch the world, connect with those who are so busy they barely slow down

and I can describe to them, the hidden beauty in the leaf of a red rose, or how the dusk descends,

or how the children’s laughter in the street, makes me realize, I’m truly lucky to have the life I lead.

The pain and limitations, for a moment are forgotten, and the satisfaction I feel when a poem’s done,

is the greatest feeling, as I send it off to those who have signed up to read my latest one.

The act of writing poetry, still seems like a miracle to me, something beyond my will, the muse, just

takes me and I forget my pain, and flow so freely; every word I scoop from the river is mine

and yet it belongs to everyone.

How does one begin to write it? How do I? I’m happy to share the secret, the magic formula:

You don’t need an idea to create…ideas come…all you need to do is start.

Pen on paper, fingers on the keys… let the stanzas stream right through you.

Be the scribe, get out of your body, for just a moment and write your poetry.

Karima Hoisan
March 4th 2021
Costa Rica

*Footnote I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Hypermobile (HEDS) and have been asked to talk about how creativity helps those who live with chronic limiting conditions.
I was asked to write about poetry, one of several creative areas I work in.

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…But It’s Fine


…But It’s Fine

Oh… I’m sick all the time, did I mention that? Always sick

If sickness could be turned into a color chart…I am Green,

I have my Blue days, but only when I take my meds and write.

Blue days are the cool days, in my mellow flowing head space.

In Indigo I can stop the mundane thoughts of pain and soar.

In Green, I see the shadows on the walls but they mean nothing.

In Indigo, I see God’s camera lens playing with my waving palms

I can find the words, to write it down, going Indigo is where I love to be.

Orange and Red are headaches erupting behind my eyes, inert I breathe.

I’m full of unanswered question, eyes closed, short quick breaths; I see Dalí.

I can touch too far inside, yet powerless, I only hide, and float within insanity,

I’m not there today, with eyes wide open, I fall into Nature’s window frame.

I am grass and trees, and the birds make jokes about me, but I too can almost laugh.

Patiently, I hover over keyboard, the music lowers my resistance, now I’m forest Green.

If you were here, you’d watch me break into the biggest smile, the grateful child.

Indigo as colored glass, sparkling in the morning light, I am breathing easily; I’m back!

I find the words,  find the cure, that might only last as long as this poem… but it’s fine.

Karima Hoisan
March 3, 2021
Costa Rica


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The Wizard…YouTube Teaser by Randt & Hoisan

Hi everyone, just sharing this YouTube teaser of my latest virtual world,The Wizard.
Happy that Natascha and I did this together, Nat filming and editing, and I am on sound.
After a long time not doing anything together was so wonderful to make this tiny 1 minute film at least:)
Randt & Hoisan Ride Together Again!!
If your interest is piqued….come visit and Experience it yourself:) 
The Wizard

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Let Sleeping Cats Lie…..

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-19 at 9.31.14 AM

Let Seeping Cats Lie…

Let sleeping cats lie beside you
and sync your heart beat to theirs.
Touch their fur, for they bring you comfort like that
bear you clutched 1/2 century ago in your crib.

Enter the harmony of their purring
and let their dreams become yours.
Their eyelids rolling and flickering,
like candles in their chase,

They are killers but they are lovers
and they feel safe curled against you,
dreaming of critters outside the window
that fly and wiggle and twitch, beyond their reach.

Giving your arm a rough lick, turning over
they float on their back, while the moment fades.
Looking up, you are everything they need and love,
but it’s time to explore that bedroom with door ajar..

Karima Hoisan
February 19, 2021
Costa Rica

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Nothing Left To Say


While my muse runs around the house in bathrobe and curlers,
I wonder when I will ever write another poem again?
It happens, so they say, after years of inspiration,  all of a sudden I find myself
with nothing left to say.

Between us poets, I think we have said everything, a few times over.
We have said our truths in so many different words and ways..
In so many tongues and styles, we scribble our verses and observations
and draw our conclusions… but by the end of the day, we have said it all and….
there’s nothing left to say.

Do you feel me redundant, a repeater of what I wrote last year, last month?
Are my poems, just babbling and dabbling trying to desperately connect to all the rest?
Have I lost my novelty, my edge, my thirst to touch you with relevance, in your own lives?
I wish to wake up from this sterile dream, that whispers so hopelessly in my ear,

“You have nothing left to say.

Nature, Love, the Meaning of Life and Death have all been recorded.
My blog has a running stream, of ten years of conjecture mixed with pure awe of Life.
My poetry has been flowing ceaseless and now it seems, it dribbles aimlessly…
My muse, can not care less, as she shuts herself behind a door that reads
“I have nothing left to say.”

Karima Hoisan
February 17, 2021
Costa Rica

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The Wizard….is Waiting To Receive You


Happy to announce that my 20th virtual world on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand,
The Wizard  is open to receive visitors… For those of my WordPress readers, who think they would take the leap, and get an avatar and visit:)  just tell me in a comment, and I will send you instructions on how to do that. You need a fast computer and sorry, but smartphones can not yet enter virtual worlds.
I have described this world as
a bit of Fantasy, of Goth, of Disney, and of Monty Python on Mushrooms:):)
It’s a wild ride that starts off on horseback and then……… Anything can happen!!
Let The Wizard put you under his spell.…..”

Here is a photo I took the first day I grabbed this world, two months ago, to begin transforming it…
Now It Begins
and here it is now:)
wizzieot_001 2

Here are a few photos to pique your curiosity:)
wizzieot_004 2
The Family 2
Dale Innis and myself in the photo above have created 12 worlds together..
Dale, who is an out-of-the-box scripter (Really!!) and I created The Wizard, this time,
with the help of  Kurk Mumfuzz, who makes particles in Second Life. He agreed to make some particles for us, that we use through- out the journey and also in a particle-media textured Finale..that I made and choreographed!
creatorshot kurk_001 2

                                                       Kurk Mumfuzz Particle Creator

I hope those of you reading, who are seasoned virtual travelers, will come soon and visit.
For hypergridders: Wizard
If any of my readers visit the Wizard, please leave a comment here to see how you enjoyed it:)
Let The Wizard put you under his spell…. he is waiting to  receive you!


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Out of Nothing…


Out of Nothing

Out of nothing …comes something..
It is the story of our universe, our planet Earth.
It is the story of our lives and our creativity.

From the tiniest little microscopic seed
Comes a totally new human being,
and two become three or four or more.

From a blank page, comes our poetry,
our paintings, essays and short stories.
From a blank mind, we tap into the flowing stream.

Creators, each and everyone,
even if we have not yet learned to see,
we have the possibility to touch and affect humanity.

Someone once said to me,
humans are happier making things, anything…
Ahh, to help them form from nothing, then hear them say..
”You made me!”

Karima Hoisan
February 2 ,2021
Costa Rica

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