Winter Coat


Adriana – Oil on Panel | Artist Jeremiah J. White

Winter Coat 

My mother’s winter coat
falls on its own
in the back of a closet
on a warm day in June
in a country
she never knew;
never pulled out,
to shield her against a
harsh and howling
desert gust.
For she was,
born, raised and died
A Milwaukee girl,
her winters, longer and colder.
This big black coat
a loyal bodyguard,
going with her everywhere.

Snowflakes piled up
on the shoulders
refusing to melt 
on the spot.
As she took long proud strolling steps
along Lake Michigan’s banks,.
The coat was part of her,
and she wore it so well.

I packed this heavy coat
in my suitcase,
carried it to Jordan one Ramadan, 
a year after she passed away,
thanked it nightly 
for its warmth,
as I walked home 
late from prayers.

Once, it belonged to my mother,
then, it was passed along to me.
Now it belongs to anyone
who needs a coat
in my adopted family

In our dreams we think
we are the owners,
but all is rented here,
even our very lives
are contracts
signed before our birth.
All is finite and ending,

few renewals binding.
People, faces, coats, all places,
they are but rented chairs
for a party,
and when our party is over
they are rented elsewhere.

My mother’s heavy coat
has nothing to do on a June day,
so it falls to the floor of the closet
out of space and time.
Waiting for the season,
and the renter’s need to find it,
live inside it for awhile,
give it form and of course purpose,
walk it out into the cold night air
and breathe…
simple continuity sublime.

Karima Hoisan
July 10, 2001
Karak Jordan

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Someone told me, the night before last,
that, my poem I read to him was nice.
Perhaps he meant it as a compliment,
in an understated way,
but I took it as a death sentence.
the harshest penalty…

Oh, have I come to this day..
this part of my life, where all the passion
my intense focused enthusiasm
has suddenly melted away?
And, I am baking poetic sugar cookies
that are not extraordinary, profound or moving
but they are nice to have in the cupboard?

That’s really not my type of baking,
but life, since March, has been mostly in reverse.
Desperate to bake anything at all
I have stood on my head to resurrect
those feelings, I used to have.
When I was the idealist, the slicing satirist
The rabid warrior for the weak, the all out
crusader of the unloved, the liberator of tragic dreams.
Now, I am synthesized into a shake and bake chicken,
a hamburger helper, a retro kitchen,
of boring but nutritious meals.

I could blame it on that muse..
She’s locked up in some room
watching Lucille Ball…
wishing for those good ol days
that now only exist
in the fogalated minds of…
the Boomer Babies or 3am TV.
I still need to show my love,
someway, somehow to everyone born
on this planet with me.

While I’m still alive, I don’t want to write
verses that are sweet, vapid, useless.
I want to write change, humor, hope, and unity
to combat the insanity.
I want to write beauty and honesty and delicate harmony
string them up in a tree like wind chimes…
Let them play all night all day,
and burn the candles down to their puddles while
obsessed, I struggle until my very last breath,
to never write another poem,
that elicits a barely-there
weak smile, with a tepid chaser of

Karima Hoisan
Sept. 3, 2020
Costa Rica

(En Español)


Alguien me dijo, anteanoche,
eso, mi poema que le leí era agradable.
Quizás lo dijo como un cumplido,
de una manera sobria,
pero lo tomé como una sentencia de muerte.
la pena más dura …

Oh, he venido a este día …
esta parte de mi vida, donde toda la pasión
mi intenso entusiasmo concentrado
se ha derretido de repente?
Y estoy horneando galletas de azúcar poéticas
que no sean extraordinarios, profundos ni conmovedores
pero es bueno tenerlos en el armario?

Ese no es realmente mi tipo de horneado,
pero la vida, desde marzo, ha sido mayormente al revés.
Desesperado por hornear cualquier cosa
Me he puesto de cabeza para resucitar
esos sentimientos, solía tener.
Cuando yo era el idealista, el satírico cortador
El guerrero rabioso para los débiles, el todo fuera
cruzado de los no amados, liberador de sueños trágicos.
Ahora, estoy sintetizado en un pollo batido y horneado,
un paquete de arroz con hamburguesa,
una cocina retro, de comidas aburridas aun nutritivas.

Podría culpar a esa musa …
Ella está encerrada en alguna habitación
viendo a Lucille Ball …
deseando esos buenos días
que ahora solo existen
en las mentes neblinadas de …
los Boomer Babies o la televisión de las 3 am.
Todavía necesito mostrar mi amor
de alguna manera, de alguna manera para todos los nacidos
en este planeta conmigo.

Mientras esté vivo, no quiero escribir
versos que son dulces, insípidos, inútiles.
Quiero escribir cambio, humor, esperanza y unidad.
para combatir la locura.
Quiero escribir belleza y honestidad y delicada armonía.
colócalos en un árbol como campanillas de viento …
Déjalos tocar toda la noche todo el día
y quemar las velas hasta los charcos mientras
obsesionado, lucho hasta mi último aliento,
para nunca escribir otro poema,
que provoca un apenas
sonrisa débil y un traguito tibio de

Karima Hoisan
3 de septiembre de 2020
Costa Rica

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The River of Forgetting Revisited

I wanted to post this video, machinima, again…because my creative partner, Natascha Randt  is still recuperating from an illness and is unable to work with me at the moment. Prayers and light and good thoughts are very welcome. I miss her and so I want to share some of our past videos with my new WordPress friends and followers.

 A quick background on this film… we did it for an International competition and took 3rd place. The challenge was to choose a piece of Art from a specific virtual campus to make a video including it, and I chose this sculptured boat entitled, “The Funerary Ship” by a French artist, Silas Merlin. I built a 3D virtual world for it to sail on and my favorite scripter, Dale Innis made the boat sail and worked together with me to make special effects:)  I wrote the poem, found the music, Nat directed, filmed, and edited it and…the rest is history.

Please watch this in HD and full screen and let us know if you enjoyed it. The poem is written out on YouTube under “show more” Hope you find it entertaining.

If you are interested in how we did this, my first post, from a few years back goes into more detail. It was the hardest project Nat and I had ever embarked on:)…but rewarding in the end. You can read it here

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Be a Leaf

Artist Thomas Thiemeyer – The Road to Samarkand Attribute

Be a Leaf

for Sabiscuit

…and the melody carries you away…
let it take you..take you into your mind,
the thoughts you have yet to imagine
thoughts you have not even had time to think.

The melody is the river, the breeze,
the unexpected transport that lands at your feet.
Jump on..surrender, board this boat fearlessly.
This melody is not here to drown you
nor carry you to falls of death nor boulders
that block your path and surround you.
You are not allowed to stagnate on shore;
don’t be a a leaf and it will take you…
down down downstream, all the way
to your poetry.

Muse at the helm,
her wild hair whipping the breeze…
you but the passenger humbled on your knees.
Watch it all as it passes by.
There’s a feeling in the air; you feel an ache inside.
It feels so good..a sweet urgency,
to say something anything, as that desire expands,
dip your hand in the water and the first line touches you..
There it comes; there it is; drink it off your finger tips,
Look, the muse is smiling.

Now you can just close your eyes,
That paralysis stays far behind you…
and you are signing your name
to a poem born today…while floating on a river;
it is delivered from you, to you…
What have you done to deserve this?
Nothing at all but enjoy the ride,
So, smile at your muse;
give credit where credit’s due
and say, “Thank you.”

Karima Hoisan
September 1, 2020
Costa Rica

Don’t be fooled by the title..this is 1 hour of looping magical transport..try it:)

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Piano Lesson

The Woman in Red” Giovanni Boldini

Piano Lesson


Oh Abuse!
It is a complicated melody,
so hard for me to play.
Return and repeat,
with an intro
of strings, sweet passages,
until the drum rolls roar,
until the life threats r
until the childish tears
fall down a woman’s face,
wide-eyed fortissimo
and trembling in staccato
form a familiar symphony,
a family routine and legacy
The Finale.
I can hardly play this piece.
Return and repeat,
with an intro of strings,
sweet passages…

Karima Hoisan
March 2001
Karak Jordan

Lección de piano

<< * >>

¡Oh Abuso!
Es una melodía complicada
tan difícil para mí a tocar
Regresa y repite,
con una intro
de cuerdas, dulces pasajes,
hasta que ruja el tambor,
hasta que lleguen las amenazas de vida,
hasta las lagrimas infantiles
cayen por el rostro de una mujer,
fortissimo con los ojos abiertos
y temblando en staccato
formar una sinfonía familiar,
una rutina familiar y un legado
El final.
Apenas puedo tocar esta pieza.
Regresa y repite,
con una introducción de cuerdas,
dulces pasajes …

Karima Hoisan
Marzo de 2001
Karak Jordania

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You Won

Artist: Vicente Romero Redondo

You Won

Every time I hold this to the light, I always think of you.
When I was a dancer spinning down the garden path,
the light was moon not sun and I giggled when you said,”ole”
You made your
fingers into horns, as I brazenly swung my cape
the flowered one that always drove you crazy when we played.

The more we set each scene and let our minds run wild,
the more we fell in love; is love itself not creation’s stage?
I could hardly catch my breath, tears and smiles in my eyes
You chased me, the wild bull inside of you took full pursuit
but when you charged at me, I wrapped you up
in pink and sigh

I knew our dance was destined to end upon the ground somewhere,
The toreador with other visions floating across her sparkling eyes…
Moon glowing right through the clouds; ahh, this moment was so sweet!
One more pass, your bull was stronger; he tipped me over and took me down…
and I, dressed only in this diaphanous cloak, pulled it over
my head in charmed defeat.
You won.

Karima Hoisan
August 25, 2020
Costa Rica

(en Español)

Tu Ganaste

Cada vez que sostengo esta a la luz, siempre pienso en ti.
Cuando yo era bailarina girando por el sendero del jardín,
la luz era de la luna, no del sol, y me reí cuando dijiste “ole”
Formaste cuernos con tus dedos, mientras yo movía descaradamente mi capa
la de las flores, que siempre te volvía loco cuando jugábamos.

Cuanto más preparamos cada escena y dejamos que nuestras mentes se vuelvan locas,
cuanto más nos enamoramos; ¿No es el amor en sí mismo el escenario de la creación?
Apenas podía recuperar el aliento, lágrimas y sonrisas en mis ojos
Me perseguiste, el toro salvaje dentro de ti, me persiguió por completo,
pero cuando lanzaste contra mí, te envolví en rosas y suspiros.

Sabía que nuestro baile estaba destinado a terminar en algún lugar del suelo
La torera, con otras visiones flotando en sus ojos brillantes …
Luna brillando a través de las nubes; ¡Ahh, este momento fue tan dulce!
La última estocada, tu toro era más fuerte; me volcó y me derribó …
y yo, vestida sólo con este manto diáfano, me lo puse por encima la cabeza en una derrota encantada.

Tu Ganaste.

Karima Hoisan
25 de Agosto de 2020
Costa Rica

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Sea Me!

Artist Vicente Romero

Sea Me!

I remember when you were the sea..

Face to face with your immensity
I say “I do.”
I say “Marry me into your infinity”
Just let your riptide pull me through.
I have this heavy piece of baggage,
now I let it sink right into you.
Pull my feet out from under me
and I will wander on the bottom sands
of your deepest darkest blue.
Sea me

I am in such surrender,
as I leave behind the shore,
like a buoy in your bay
I strip myself of me and more…
My fate guides me day by day
Hope breaks; It crests,
and pounds me to the floor.
I go beyond all horizons,

you hypnotic ocean,
bobbing, lolling, in constant motion,
I’m swimming again in your magic potion.
Sea me

Karima Hoisan
July 24, 2005
Dominical Costa Rica

(En Español)


Recuerdo cuando eras el mar ..

Cara a cara con tu inmensidad
Yo digo “acepto”.
Yo digo “Cásate conmigo en tu infinito”
Deja que tu marejada me pase adelante
Tengo esta pesada pieza de equipaje
ahora dejo que se hunda en ti.
Saca mis pies de debajo de mí
y vagaré por las arenas del fondo
de tu más profundo azul oscuro.

Estoy en tal entrega
mientras dejo atrás la orilla,
como una boya en tu bahía
Me despojo de mí y más …
Mi destino me guía dia a dia
La esperanza se rompe; se eleva
y me golpea contra el suelo.
Voy más allá de todos los horizontes,
tú océano hipnótico,
balanceándose, colgando, en constante movimiento,
Estoy nadando de nuevo en tu poción mágica.

Karima Hoisan
24 de julio de 2005
Dominical Costa Rica

*La palabra “márame” no existe, pero igual como en el Inglés es un juego de palabras
Con el frase, “mirame”
Un poco de licenciatura poética

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Round n’ Round–revisited

Much of my virtual day is spent in making machinmas (screen capture videos) with my video other half, Natascha Randt. As Nat is recuperating from an illness and not able to do that with me, the next best thing,for me, is to remember some of our productions, that were fun, or profound or just silly.

I would like to share this one we made 2 years ago. The poem was born from the music you hear, a kalimba piece (thumb piano) known as ” Kalimba solo for Lotus” by SaReGaMa . It has that delightful haunting music box sound and so I wrote a poem in that vein..a “shopping list of things that change and loop around:).

The little girl, “my daughter” is played by Natascha and I of course, am the mother:)

I did all the voices in this one.
We had lots of fun making this and hope you here on WordPress, will enjoy it too. Our only objective in making these films, is to delight and entertain.. I hope you think we succeeded. Please watch on YouTube in HD and fullscreen for full enjoyment.

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Creative Soulmates

Creative Soulmates
For Natascha

Someone once asked me,
to tell them all about you.
They said, “Who she is?
What makes her so important to you?”
There really was no easy answer
as that reply would take time,
was more complicated, then I think
they even wanted to know.

How can we explain the synergy
that runs through us…?
the synergy that Is us?
That makes your visuals and my sounds
like a formula we can count on religiously,
as it has been known to work every single time
we start out on a new project together

Something is always born at the end
that parallel is never lost.
We are the creative lovers who combine
our minds, our ideas, and the gestation
can be smooth or hard or uncertain.
The labor can be drawn out,
fast and painless,
or so difficult we even start to worry,
if this birth will ever be here

But when we send out our announcement,
when we give it a little push
and send it to the world,
we are the glowing parents,
the proud mothers, the proud fathers,
beaming with satisfaction, we hold up our newborn
for the world to see,
“So proud to say we had another baby born today
You can view it on YouTube in HD”

One time we made a film about that..
How our minds couple and expand into one.
It was a meta look into our very own process
We are something rare and I cherish us,
because partners like us, are so hard to find:
Two people living no closer than across the sea,
never meeting, never speaking, talking in type,
sitting down in pixelated worlds in avatar bodies, virtually.

and for the last 8 years, making movie magic together.

My film partner, my creative soulmate, my perfect date…
Not sure I would ever make anything again..without you
Get well soon!

Karima Hoisan
Aug.19 2020
Costa Rica

“The Connection” by Natascha Randt & Karima Hoisan

Alguien una vez me preguntó
para contarle todo sobre ti.
Dijeron: “¿Quién es ella?
¿Qué la hace tan importante para ti? “
Realmente no hubo una respuesta fácil
como esa respuesta tomaría tiempo,
fue más complicado, entonces creo que
incluso que quería saber.

¿Cómo podemos explicar la sinergia
que corre a través de nosotros…?
la sinergia que somos nosotros?
Eso hace que tus imágenes y mis sonidos
como una fórmula con la que podemos contar religiosamente,
como se sabe que funciona cada vez
comenzamos juntos en un nuevo proyecto.

Algo siempre nace al final
ese paralelo nunca se pierde.
Somos los amantes creativos que combinamos
nuestras mentes, nuestras ideas y la gestación
puede ser suave, duro o incierto.
El trabajo se puede alargar,
rápido e indoloro,
o tan difícil que incluso nos empezamos a preocupar,
si este nacimiento alguna vez estará aquí.

Pero cuando enviamos nuestro anuncio,
cuando le damos un empujoncito
y envíalo al mundo,
somos los padres brillantes,
las madres orgullosas, los padres orgullosos,
radiante de satisfacción, sostenemos a nuestro recién nacido
para que el mundo lo vea
“Estoy muy orgulloso de decir que hoy hemos nacido otro bebé
Puedes verlo en YouTube en HD ”

Una vez hicimos una película sobre eso …
Cómo nuestras mentes se acoplan y se expanden en una.
Fue un meta análisis de nuestro propio proceso
Somos algo raro y yo nos aprecio,
porque los socios como nosotros son muy difíciles de encontrar:
Dos personas que viven no más cerca que al otro lado del mar,
nunca reunirse, nunca hablar, hablar en tipo,
sentados en mundos pixelados en cuerpos avatar, virtualmente.
y durante los últimos 8 años, haciendo juntos la magia del cine.

Mi compañera de cine, mi alma gemela creativa, mi cita perfecta …
No estoy seguro de si volvería a hacer algo … sin ti
¡Mejorate pronto!

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Not a Poem-Just a Photo

Oh dear I hate change! Just making a small test..
This is the first time I attempt to navigate the block editor.
I am a classic user for over 10 years so I think I will need some time to blossom:)
Sharing a picture taken from my study window as a test for the new editor..
The first client at the “Banana Buffet” a medium Toucan called an Arakari.
He is free (smiles,) I am the one in the screened cage with bars…writing away.

IMG_1008 3

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