My Ever-Present Mother

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                               Eternal Flame by Dale Innis on Midjourney

My Ever-Present Mother

Your flame burns bright; it won’t go out
because I will not let it…
You are so alive inside of me
even in my sleep you invade my dreams

Things that make up me came from you,
from the cellular to our sense of humor,
we are bound and tied.
Although your face dims in my twilight
I can still hear your voice inside

Christmas Day was an unusual date
chosen for you to leave our stage,
while neighbors were unwrapping their gifts
you were unwrapping yourself
until…. Voilá you disengaged.

I never will forget the shock of knowing
that you had left on that joyous morn
but life no longer held your interest
your heart was failing;
you dreamed of being reborn.

Thank you for giving me my life,
giving me a bit of the rebel you…
your easy laugh, oh how you loved to laugh!
Your loyalty, your natural generosity,
I’m your daughter for eternity, and you
the eternal flame, my ever-present mother.

Karima  Hoisan
December 25, 2022
Costa Rica

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Happy New Years 2023

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                                    New Years 2023 by Dale Innis on Midjourney
…and not only Fabulous, but
etc etc
Thank you to all my readers, friends, fellow poets and dreamers..
You have made this year so much better, warmer and inspiring:)
Happy New Year 2023!!
Much Love,

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Dreaming Humanity

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Waiting To Be Born by Dale Innis on Midjourney

Dreaming Humanity

In our world of fast morphing hours,
shapelessness is only a transition into being,
the first molding of a glorious possibility.

Look deep into Design and see,
everything slowly becoming something else,
in this never-quite-focused Human dream.

The created, cast in the Mastermind’s own reflection,
peer back through the mist of thick impenetrable transcendence
wondering if something or someone is out there
and why they are now standing here?

Soon they will multiply, re-multiply,
always wondering why?
Their smooth new textures drying,
as they peer through their opaque history.
While looking forward,
they feel more comfortable holding back.
They wait for something to be revealed,
a secret unsealed by the One who shaped them
and soon to be setting them into motion.

They stand in the portal, waiting to be born,
to descend full of Human error and compassion,
one of the greatest works of Art the Artist dreams
over and over again:

a vulnerable child,

an imperfect woman,

a frail and fallible man.

Karima Hoisan
December 29, 2022
Costa Rica


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Curiouser and Curiouser

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                          Curiouser and Curiouser by Amanda Tomasoa

Curiouser and Curiouser
for artist Amanda Tomasoa

We are like you with hopes and dreams
In suits, kaftans, or designer jeans
Uneasy about our future, our security
Oh my, look who just moved in next door!!

We try to eat right, keep the doctor at bay
Send our kids to the best schools of the day
Our lawns are clipped, in the esthetic way
Oh my, look who just moved in next door!!

Our faces don’t reveal what lies deep inside
We are polite and if not welcoming, at least civilized.
We can give you a full list of all that’s despised
Oh my, look who just moved in next door!

We probably should go and meet them soon
Bring them some baked goods, try to commune
But we are not sure they could be truly in-tune
Oh well, they have just moved in next door!!

Karima Hoisan
Aug. 31st 2010
The Criss Museum of Contemporary Art
Second Life

Footnote: Sharing an oldie from Second Life.
Yesterday I turned 15 there. Was my Rez Day (Birthday in the Virtual)
They even sent me a card:) 🎉
Screen Shot 2022-12-26 at 4.20.23 PM

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Underair Creatures

Happy New Years to you all from the….
Underair Creatures

We are underair creatures.
We float and sway to currents
you can’t see,
but you see how we grab them
to spin and bob and effortlessly fly.

You are bottom creatures
heavy and will not know our joy;
you are also underair, but feed on the bottom
move ungracefully, stay very stationary
for long periods of time.

Look up and see what we show you!
On what is invisible to your eyes,
we cavort and fly.
We twist and hover, drift and soar
We too love the air but on what you breathe
to keep you alive
light and freewheeling, we were born to ride.

Karima Hoisan
December 25, 2022
Costa Rica

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                            Illustration”Golden” by Dale Innis on Midjourney AI


Touched by Midas, he sold his crypto just in time
bought a factory with his profit and made the workers go offline.
In the empty lot he sells potted plants, frosted with organic dye,
decorated with little sun-charged led -lights; they go like hot cakes,
easy on the eye and environment; golden coins rain on him from the sky.

So smooth and gold, everything he touches, begins to look like him.
He hides his eyes behind pastel shades so you can’t see, what you can guess.
If you try to speak to him with truth, don’t bother, it’s a wasted act,
The bottom line, that vibrates inside his mind, honestly he couldn’t care less.

A profile cut in granite stone, a chin to build a city on; he’s hard and cold.
Bouillon’s not a soup for him it’s what he buys to stack his assets all in gold
He never sweats, his golden sheen, glows in sun and moonlight equally
He’s never had a doubt about how he sees the world: it’s his to have and hold.

Perfect table manners, he can choose the flowers and the music, order wine.
The correct knot on a tie can catch his eye, he’s witty, worldly but never kind.
He has a backstage pass, front stage box-seats, first row of every balcony
He’s Golden. His heart’s not made of flesh & blood; it’s a 24 karat time piece.

Karima Hoisan
December 19, 2022
Costa Rica


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Hidden in Childhood….Coming Soon!

@ Instagram

Very exciting news!! Our very own, from the heart of the WordPress community of poets and writers, Gabriela Marie Milton, has opened a brand new publishing house, Literary Revelations LLC!!  The first book to be published by her new house, is a poetry anthology, titled, “Hidden in Childhood.”
I am honored to be one of the 75 poets who will have their poetry featured in this book!!
As everything Gabriela does,  I know it will be a fabulous, unique and an important collection of poetry
I would like to quote her now, in her own words,

Thoughts on Hidden in Childhood: A Poetry Anthology

As the editor, curator, and publisher of this this book, I am honored and humbled that so many poets entrusted me with their outstanding work. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.  

I am mesmerized by the talent of the contributors, and by the range of stylistic approaches used to recreate the world of childhood.  I must say from the beginning that this is not a poetry collection for children. The poems selected memorialize the beauty and magic of childhood – remembrance of love and fairytales – as well as its ugliness – abuses, poverty – that unfortunately still exist in our world. Some of the authors were brave enough to talk about the pain they endured in childhood. I salute all contributors: those who tell the world that childhood is love, and those who still bear the wounds of a very difficult childhood.”

This beautifully designed cover is just a taste of what’s inside:) I can’t wait!!  I hope you all feel the same:):)….Coming Soon!!

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Dialing Out To The Cosmos


                                      Harmony by Dale Innis on Midjourney

Remember those rotary phones
that got thrown away when cellulars
were born?
How your finger hooked the ring
and with a bit of effort
dragged it all the way
as far as it could
letting you know,
Now you must let go…?

The satisfying muted number-clicks
then do it again
six more times
until all seven numbers were
dragged around
and you waited
and you listened.

Dialing out to the Cosmos
the wrong number
that could change your Life.
Dialing Out to the Cosmos
waiting to get those tests back
that said you were a winner
that you had bought more time.
That you were healthy in your prime.

The lucky chosen Rotary Dialer
every phone call was a direct connect.
No messaging“Are you free?”
Ring ring ring and you’d pick up
Stay there anchored to the phone table
or the closest chair, on a springy short cord
If you were busy,  they’d know it
they’d hear
the rhythmic buzzing of a bee.

 Dialing out to the Cosmos
“Please can someone help me?”
There is an emergency, a burglar, a house on fire,
Or, “Let’s call the neighbors and hang up.”
“Let’s call the boy next door,
listen to him say hello and hang up.”
Let’s sit all day in the same spot
look through the extra-thick phone book
and pick some random people to call.

Our index fingers have callouses
We take turns dragging that dial around
“Hello Cosmos, what’s the meaning of Life?”
Who made the first star shine,
the first prank call?
Dialing until our fingers are numb,
Why? What? How? Who? and……
Is there anyone out there?

Karima Hoisan
December 16, 2022
Costa Rica

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Fly To Me

Dark Spirit

                                 Dark Spirit by Dale Innis with Midjourney

Please Click Play to hear me Recite it to the music”We Were There” Woolfy VS Projections

Fly to me!

If there is one thing I understand
it’s you.
We are not as different as you first thought
What makes you laugh, makes me roll my eyes
Because, I’ve seen too much, and you know
that’s true.

There is a cold cold heat, my dark spirit seeks
I find it when I open my eyes and feel your heart beat

You always understood,
the variance between the negative
and the gloriously elegant,
the seldom comes along,
the totally different.
You know in which category you can find me,
You hear my call like a pleading cello
and you take wing

Crows with shiny blue plumes,
that dress in feathered tutus
how they please me.
You, tracing my face with a fallen feather
Ah, how you tease me.

There is a cold cold heat, my dark spirit seeks
I find it when I open my eyes and feel your heart beat

And you are correct I am a Queen in my Time
I hope you know you are my chosen,
and that I am not unkind.
The first moment I saw your face,
heard your voice, watched you walk away
I knew that you would ask to be mine

So I’ve given you wings
to return when I call
I’ve planted your passion for me
like a tree that grows tall…
from your toes…
to your uncommon fantasies.

Everything about you
is so intriguing
Everything about me,
you find so appealing.
I promise to leave your cage door
open to capricious winds
and if you choose to fly away
I have no doubt
that you will also choose
to fly back again.

There is a cold cold heat, my dark spirit seeks
I find it when I open my eyes and feel your heart beat

Fly to me!

Karima Hoisan
December 15, 2022
Costa Rica

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Bed of Roses

Bed of Roses

                                                  Image-Bed of Roses by Dale Innis

Bed of Roses

It’s sad, that I was not the one to feel the love
you promised and proclaimed.
There was too much mystery swirling around you.
and in the end there was too much pain.
On a night I had dreamed about,
since I was was only thirteen,
who really knew then, what our future held,
when you whispered, seductively, “My Queen”

I had been in love with you,
since love started to make sense to me.
I saw you everywhere and you conquered
my thoughts, my dreams and fantasies.
Everyone who saw you, only saw you as a heartache,
not as a love forever…
You were a treacherous rogue; although many had cried, to your lies,
I knew deep down inside, I could do it better

So that is why, on our wedding night,
I had prepared for us a bed of fresh cut roses.
The satin sheets, a few peaches and cream
and the rest, flowering crimson roses,
I perfumed and oiled my hair with the essence
of flowers from rivers and springs;
roses brushed our faces, and touched our thighs
while I, supine, about to bloom, tumbled over the springs.

You knew I would never join you in bed
unless we had said our vows, exchanged our rings.
You made me the happiest girl who had ever dreamed;
we were so beautiful together, a bronzed pair of figurines.
But then I realized we were not together at all,
you were a single actor on a stage where I had shone my shame.
The rose thorns pierced my flesh, my hope, my heart.
When in your heat of passion, you called out someone else’s name.

Even though on our wedding night,
I had prepared for us a bed of fresh cut roses.
The satin sheets, a few peaches and cream
and the rest, flowering crimson roses,
I perfumed and oiled my hair with the essence
of flowers from rivers and springs;
roses brushed our faces, and touched our thighs
while I, supine, about to bloom, tumbled over the springs.

Karima Hoisan
December 14, 2022
Costa Rica.


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