So Simple

So Simple

I still can remember the night I was shown the meaning of Life
(it’s not something to be forgotten)
In awe, my whole conscious mind
now suspended in space,
I looked down upon the spheres
spinning below me and said out loud…
“So that’s what it’s all about…it’s so simple.”
“So simple.”
I understood it all in a raging second of illumination
and then the words to describe what I saw
faded away like a lifting fog and this Truth
I was shown, would be forever out of my reach,
forever beyond my language to explain what I had seen.

The next day, the sun made the trees
bend and wave on my wall.
In a shadow movie of branches and leaves
I knew I was almost grasping that Truth
that I saw the night before.
Still so beyond my reach..
and to this day….
this Truth remains beyond words and syntax.
But today, years and years later,
the dance of Nature, on a wall of my room,
reminds me that I once knew
the why and what of Life..
and that it was perfect
and perfectly simple.

Karima Hoisan
August 22, 2022
Costa Rica

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Slave For My Muse


Slave For My Muse

Who’s in control here?
Well we both know…you are.
I give up my sleep, start my day
without even a cup of coffee.
Only for you, do I do the things I do.

You tell me you want music,
and I am expected to produce it.
Give me a chance to learn how,
I make a losing plea for time
but you want it now..
or better yesterday.
I am burning the midnight oil,
to learn to line up those loops
sweating in my Garage Band…
until I get it right.

I wait, holding my breath as you listen,
but even though you never say a word,
your smile tells me you’re pleased.
I sway along side to side,
like an elephant caravan
Now we’re going somewhere.

You want me to make a new world,
rolling up my sleeves,
I give it my best.
New poem now, even though the world
is just starting to take solid form,
You feel a new poem,
maybe dedicated to you.
might just be the thing for this moment.
Well I am grateful for the pretty music
you found for me.
Putting it on a loop, I write and write.
“Yes Mistress, I’m working on it”
After all, I live to serve you.”

Karima Hoisan
August 7, 2022
Costa Rica

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“AI Dreams in Art” My 21st VR World in Gestation

Dale Innis, my collaborator of many worlds and projects has been playing with AI Art programs for some time. Quite a few paintings, he has turned out, have inspired my poetry, but lately he has been working with a program called Midjourney and it is a real game changer.

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 10.12.48 PM

high fashion aliens-31 at 6.36.26 PM

           Art Deco Cats or High End Alien Fashion and everything in between!!
I am building a new world, “AI Dreams in Art” to curate his many genres of fascinating digital
paintings!!. We have just begun..but here are some previews to what it’s starting to look like.
All paintings will be free to those who visit the world. They can take any home with them to decorate their virtual abodes, businesses and worlds. “Sharing is Caring”

Stormy Seascapes in a Storm:)  Sit and Immerse yourselves! *The Video has Sound

This beautiful building was being given away at Opensim Fest by Luna Lunaria (Who made the Egyptian build in my video “Flowers of the Nile”  It’s perfect for a two-story AI Art Gallery
All images are modify and can be re-sized. We have just begun… What fun!!
Will make another post when it’s finished… but I might be a bit slow catching up with everyone until then!


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Truth and Time


     Woman In White Gown, Falling, Cloudy Sky | Leslie Balleweg

Truth and Time

Plummet straight down into everything
that has made you cry.
Descend into each time you laughed so hard
tears fell happily from your eyes.
Let yourself fall into what has been your life
so far up to this point.
Feel that adrenaline as you just let go…
Like a runaway elevator,
Your own moving picture show.

Would you change anything or change it all
if you had that power?
Or do you see the weave how it all threads together
If you loosen just one… all apart,  it will fall?
Even the bitter times were made sweet in the end,
The hopeless, did not stay forever and at your door,
a smiling face asked to come in.
Will you be happy with the scenes that flood your mind,
on the day you surrender to Truth and Time?

Karima Hoisan
July 30th 2022
Costa Rica

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My Guest Post on Blogspot About Collaboration

Please click this link to read the original: My thanks to Thirza Ember of HG Safari for inviting me to participate.

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 8.33.59 AM

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Lone Rider

LoneRiderMachinimaCard                                        Photo by me, logo by Menubar Memorial

Please click to listen to me recite the poem to its music:)

Lone Rider

I’m looking for the song to find the words to start this poem
I have felt it wanting to come alive for days
but without the music the changes in the notes,
I know the words will hide themselves from me
leaving but a feeling that remains unexpressed.

How you marveled at my process,
that without music, I could not write a word..
Somehow the music frees the horses
from their paddocks and allows
them to gallop across the page..
and I am on top, the rider
with the melody flowing thru my mind
I am the singing cowboy of nostalgia
rhythmic hooves pounding out
every beat of my heart.

And to the music it does flow…

I know, none of us are ever -after.
Our songs end sometimes before
we’ve gotten to the bridge,
So I am left to remember you, as I wish to
and this is the one that breaks my heart
when I know I will never see you again.

Your many lives, your other selves
were never part of you and me,

I miss the one who rode tight by my side
through laughter and uncertainty,
the one who created magic so seamlessly
and brought joy to countless others,
we would never get to know or see.

As I set out alone, knowing I will never find
another to replace you…
knowing I am no longer two but one, on my own,
I miss that avatar, who brainstormed with me
and made it all look so smooth and easy,

That is the one that still haunts me in my dreams,
Natascha, you, my creative twin, now separated
from me and the living life… by death’s transparent veil.

Karima Hoisan
July 21, 2022
Costa Rica


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A Train of Ghouls Going to Hell


A Train of Ghouls going to Hell

A train of ghouls on their way to Hell
were questioning their fate…
“Who made us ghouls anyway?
Did our Creator make some mistake..?”

One reached over and asked the other
If he had enjoyed his ghoulish ways?
Was anything close to worth it
To pay like this at the end of days?

“Well shape-shifting was pretty nice,
I could be anything or anyone I ate.”
“One time I ate a fly, but truly by accident
On a wall, I heard plans for an Apple Update.”
“I was sick of lunching on corpses
and always afraid of losing my head.
I could never enjoy a bit of sunlight
I was just half alive but mostly half dead.”

“Does anyone wonder how we all died together?
It seems a coincidence we did the same day,
and who chopped off our noggins in unison
and who put us on this train to begin with, anyway?”

Then the conductor came through their car
“Tickets to Hell please” He stopped, making sure they had paid.
“Oh I don’t have a ticket,” “Nor do I,” each exclaimed,
Thrown off at the next stop, they kissed their fate,  giggling, they ghouled away.

Karima Hoisan
July 17th 2022
Costa Rica

*Footnote: Don’t ask:)  but my muse made me write down the title phrase a week ago:)

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Flowers of The Nile

Well..sometime after my reading at Opensim Fest, I started exploring all the great things to see there. When I walked into Luna Lunaria’s Egyptian Monument, my heart almost stopped!!…It was that gorgeous.. One of the most detailed and lovely virtual builds I have ever seen.. I was so struck..I wrote the original music you hear as the soundtrack.
I decided to add a bit of fun and found an adorable Egyptian sunflower (made by Annadmaya’s at Kitely Market). and turned her loose with her friend to have a good time:)  No disrespect meant to the build..:):)
I hope you enjoy it all…Just a short fun video of a great build!! Please turn up the sound…and Dance!!  Watch in fullscreen and HD…please

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Video of My Poetry Reading @ Opensim Fest

Proud to offer you the chance to Hear & See my Poetry Performance for today,
July 8th, opening day of The 2022 Opensim Fest.
Thanks to Mike McHugh capturing what went on, I actually have the visuals as well as the stream.
My avatar (me) is not really in sync with my words, but I think you will agree I stay true to my mysterious appearance, with my odd gestures and random face movements:) Thanks to Dale Innis, I move at all:)
Get comfy and let me relax and entertain you for the next 55 minutes.

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Quick Correction

For my reading starting in 90 minutes if you wish to hear it live use this url instead of what I had previously posted…Sorry for the Mix-up:
It’s not an elegant page but it will allow you to push play and listen. Last minute Madness !!  🙂

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