Two Poems For Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica


for Iris
There is a place where the macaws still fly free
Where they perch to feed on shoreline almond trees
Where my love swells like a high tide on afternoon seas
Beautiful Corcovado!

No roads or cars, just sandy foot tracks,
Carry us to rebirth before sending us back,
Stop us in mid-life and show us all that we lack
Magical Corcovado!

My soul sings rhythms like never before,
We said “Yes” one more time, opened destiny’s door,
Just you and the ocean are what I came to adore
Mystical Corcovado!

Grey stormy horizon seems so far away now,
As we settle into night, waves crash on day’s bow.
My tears say thank you for this, because I don’t know how
Sitting in Corcovado.

5c424b5fbb1eb226eafd04de_lapa roja

Coming Up From the Dead

Coming up from the dead, I exhale back into life
Palm trees sway in the mounting breeze
They appear as a tight picket fence to contain the sea
Even stripped of their nuts, they are still supple proud trees.

I have witnessed re-birth on these tropical shores
While macaws crack almonds, perched high on tree-tops
If the wheel stopped here, I’d be the first to disembark
For I’ve been buried too long, in my zombie-life plot.

Paired, colorful rainbow-flyers soar overhead
Tears come so easily when I perceive freedom’s call
Like watching painted inserts in a sepia toned film
I fill my lungs with their oxygen, crawl out past death’s wall

I heard someone say,”Tomorrow we go back to reality.”
But I say, they will only return to their graves
Is there anything more real than living each precious moment
While tossing all troubled thoughts to the waves?

One more glorious gift I hold tight in my hand
A return from the dead, my shroud, a colorful gown
All vibranty green, with aqua-water sleek bows
Red, yellow,blue streamers high on top like a crown.

Karima Hoisan
July 2006
Corcovado, Costa Rica

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A Kiss in the Fog


A kind word is like a kiss in the fog,
it warms the heart; it brightens the day,
and the cold mist is lifted,
and then… someone smiles again.

To be kind,
is a special part of generosity.
It’s a conscious act towards another
to make them feel loved.
Ahh, to just feel loved…
even in these times of hard
and shrill replies.
In this time of uncaring and indifference,
of fear and suspicion,
a kind word can break through
like a gentle hand upon your cheek,
like a reassurance, to let you know,
you are seen and everything will work out fine.

A kind word gives hope.
Is hope not the greatest gift we can give?
Especially, in these bleak days of despair,
is when it’s most needed.
One act of kindness, through word or deed,
is so simple to do; costs nothing..and is totally free.

Kindness reframes the truth, yet it never is a lie
Kindness is the diplomacy of the soul,
rewriting the painful parts until they are not
so hard for us to see.
It says, “I love how you are doing this…keep trying
and you will do it even better.’
It says, “How wonderful you look today, you seem so happy.”
It says, anything we usually forget to say,
so wrapped up in our own thoughts,
we forget we have the power to heal or lighten, or inspire.

A kind word or a kind deed,
fills the giver as well as the one who receives.
We can start any moment;
it’s a choice we can make consciously.
Each time we practice it, on others and ourselves
we reap the rewards of generosity:
That good feeling of giving up a part of ourselves
to touch someone else…just because we can…..

Karima Hoisan
October 18, 2020
Costa Rica


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What do I have to share with you, a framed picture of my cat?
The tree whose branches form a highway and cover up the sky?
Where each minute seems to speed the clock and shorten every week?

Would you like to watch the birds that come to feed outside my window?
The squirrel who carries off bananas like a football player on the field?
Or how my morning crystals paint, bright rainbows on my walls and face?

Feel free to sit with me awhile and hear the rhythms of the day,
The traffic slowly winding down the hill, all going to somewhere far away.
I love the smell of coffee, do you,? hot and freshly ground and brewed.

My life too, is winding down, I spend these last days in this sunny room.
I used to go here and there, do this and that but these four walls are now what’s left.
I have a tin of oatmeal cookies, would you care to have one or two. to take with you?

Karima Hoisan
October 16, 2020
Costa Rica

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The Melody Lives On


Digital Watercolor

The Melody Lives On

I play a song for you…it comes from so deep within.
Each note, each finger on the key, is my light kiss against your cheek.
Each stanza, trill and measure, is my embrace, my hand locked tight in yours.
It’s been so long since I have played, my fingers stumble on the keys,
but my heart plays your song…to perfection, gracefully and continually.
I have no fear that you will think me the fool,  for those mistakes now and then,
even though they come and go, the melody lives on…
written exclusively for you;
I know too, how much you love this song.
Your ear absorbs each chord, and sometimes a whole line becomes a smile.
On some parts there are tears in my eyes, I roll the notes gently in a caress
and then your hand on my shoulder and I don’t even need to turn around,
I know …because, I just know.
Something happened, while we were one in the music, one in this moment;
when my piano said, “ I love you,” and you bent down and whispered in my ear.

Karima Hoisan
October 15, 2020
Costa Rica

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A Personal Note of Thank You from Natascha Randt

“Hey out there, here is Nat 🙂
I am back from Hospital.
I am not good but better and so I wanna thank you all who sent prayers and good vibes and positive thoughts and so on.
That means a lot to me!
The next three month or so will decide if I have more or less years to walk on this little mad planet.
Some projects in RL I have to kiss goodbye, especially to make a glider license.
But there is so much out there, so many adventures to experience, even in this pandemic times,
I am not complain.
And being honest, there are many people outside, who experience extreme hard times.
Thinking of all the refugees and friends who are sick.
Sometimes I think I whine on a high level, but it is just my one and only live I have to life, so I don’t wanna give up.

Karima gave me a lot of support in this hard times! She pushed me to use WhatsApp, hahaha,
And I sent her messages in the middle of the night, omg.
Living 9,500 kilometers apart.
But we are one in a very special way.
And I love her for being such a good and fabulous friend.

Love you all!

Karima again:) I am including one of our many collaborations for your enjoyment.
Thank you to all my readers for your support these last months. ❤️🙏❤️



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Dealing With Demons on YouTube

Hi everyone,

I wrote this poem and made a soundtrack last December in 2019,
and very few people clicked to listen to it…so I am re-posting it as a YouTube, with some pretty amazing images by Omar Rayyan who along with the music,  by Suduaya inspired my writing this.  This is pretty dark, but also carries some sound advice and a happy ending:)  Enjoy it. Turn up the volume! For those who can’t understand all the words, or for translation purposes, I will write out the poem below.

If only love can kill a demon;
only love can cure a demon,
all those lashing tails and tongues
snapping at your heels.
If you run, they’ll chase you…..
If you stand your ground, they’ll eat you,
but if you love them, you can stop them in their tracks.
Extract their fangs!
Clip their claws!
Close their eyes!
Pin their jaws!
And hug them tight,
without hurting them at all!
They’re wounded….
Hug them like a tango
Hug them with a whisper in their ear!
Hug them like you’ve loved them all your life!
Hug them with commitment and No Fear!

They’ll be…
Falling at your feet,
Bowing down upon the ground
Humbled, tamed and changed.
Hear their voices, they’ll tell you,
“I need help,”
such a plaintive evil voice,
“I need your help”
“I can’t do it alone.”
If you are who you say you are,
it should be easy….
Easy to forgive their scales and barbed tails
Easy to forget; they almost killed you, betrayed you, maligned your name.
But, when you loved them anyway,
They could no longer slay you alive, steam roll over you
They could not scare the pale halo off of you,
that’s floating round your head.

Only love can cure a demon
Only the touch of an innocent can change dark alchemy into spun gold manes.
Can you imagine being like them?
Trapped in their malignancy depraved?
Stroke them, give them hope,
Whisper, “It will be all right..the sun will rise on the other side for you”
Then….make them spin…spin in all benevolence!
Spin them until they’re dizzy with being cherished and held dear!
How they start to smooth..and soften those hard edges
horns falling off as you spin them faster ‘n faster.
Turn them into puffs and cream, turn them into rainbow dreams.
Make them your puppy dog that follows you day and night.
Make them mirror all the goodness they received.
Make them believe..if only they believe
that love is stronger than anything they can achieve!
Only love can cure a demon.
It’s the only way.
Only love from an innocent heart
can disarm the beast..and make him meek
so they too can inherit the earth
the afterlife
all the worlds to come.
Only love can kill a demon… true
Only love can cure a demon… too!
Don’t kill the demon; give it a second chance!
Only love can cure a demon!
Only love can cure a demon!

Karima Hoisan
December 30, 2019
Costa Rica


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Brakeman on the Tracks


I feel the Big Bang pushing from behind
so there is no staying still.
I got on this train my very first day,
and I’m still riding.
It’s taking me further out into the universe…
I know it’s really pushing systems and planets,
much bigger than me,
but I feel its heat blowing on the back of my neck.
It makes me go on sometimes,
even when I don’t want to;
all I can do is move forward, continually.
There is no swimming against the stream,
no standing still and saying I’m done changing;
I’m done moving, I will not take a sunrise today,
just leave my room in moonlight
and stop the universe in its kinetic loop,
pushing us forward, on our marathon journey,
through the stars… the months,
the deaths and births we see and touch
along our way….

Well… until death gets our attention
or knocks on our window
and pushes us through to another side;
where I imagine we do continue moving forward,
unless of course we just fall into the dreamless sleep.
When Death stops my train like a brakeman on the tracks.
I wonder if I will be ready, or caught off guard
in my star-burst ballet and just drop to the floor
more surprised than accepting?
I would hope, I could be gracious, right up to the end,
look Death in the face, smiling, because,
“What a run it all has been!”
Instead of fear and pleading,
pure gratitude and surrender…
and wave to him, to just climb on in.

Karima Hoisan
October 7, 2020
Costa Rica

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Thank You To Spillwords Press for accepting my first poem, “In The Moment,” for publication 2

I am honored and excited to have my first poem, “In The Moment,”
(originally titled here,”Frozen In The Moment”) accepted for publication in their prestigious press. You can see the link below – review stars are welcome 🙏
I am a newcomer to their site, so I appreciate if you would click and read it there:)
Thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging to me!

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At The Beach

CROP-09-28 at 8.45.47 PM

                                                                  photo by Poett

At The Beach
for Poett

When the clouds and waves agree
to coordinate their colors
and the sky illuminates the glowing sea
of Neptune’s shiny floor,
you can expect to ride upon
it’s brackish sweet sea breeze,
its endless steel-blue ocean swells
that die against the shore

When tears and pain begin to float away,
because this beach is so unique
and it won’t let you cry,
Allow yourself this moment,
that’s been waiting here so long
and gather what it’s showing you
to treasure deep inside.

The healing’s coming quickly now;
it enters like an ocean surge
through your astonished eyes
and all that vast expanse of trees
and seashore views you see,
begin to penetrate your depths
letting all the drama- trauma
float away, and be lost to fossilize.

Just then, a black horse enters,
from the right side of the scene,
a black horse on its own
just walking along the shore;
a work of art, his stallion stance
against those faded blue jean skies;
praise his ebony graceful frame ,
his awareness, gaze and size!
As you stare right back at him amazed;
he trots off down the rocky beach,
and disappears before your eyes.

Karima Hoisan
September 29, 2020
Costa Rica

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Beautifully Loved and Signed


Beautifully Loved and Signed

The poem leaped in delight,
because she was exactly
the one, for him to be born,
this girl with the light steps and kind ways
the sparking eyes,
the chiseled profile,
the noble face.

It lived in a loop
of sparkling eyes
and profiles
repeating its unfinished lines
The poet kept the poem in a journal
destined for her
never completed
and never signed.

The poet always doubted
how to end it
left a bit more to say,
always waiting for another day
so the poem was not born.

By their footsteps it knew
that he came walking
with her, holding hands,
and they moved to his journal,
where the poem was laying
and its poetic soul leaped into the air.

The poem felt the pen
upon the skin of its paper,
and it smiled
and it knew it was its time..
When the poet signed it
“I’ll love you forever Julia”,
the poem fell into a swoon.
The poet placed it in her hands
and she read it slowly out loud,
with joyous tears falling down
and the tears touched the poem
until it sparked into life
now wholly complete,
finally born into the world…
so beautifully loved and signed.

Karima Hoisan
September 27, 2020
Costa Rica

(En Español)

Bellamente amado y firmado

El poema saltó de alegría,
porque ella era exactamente
para quien, él iba a nacer,
esta chica de pasos ligeros y amabilidad
los ojos chispeantes,
el perfil cincelado,
el rostro noble.

Vivía en un bucle
de ojos chispeantes
y perfiles
repitiendo sus líneas inconclusas
El poeta guardó el poema en un diario.
destinado para ella
nunca completado
y nunca firmado.

El poeta siempre dudó
como terminarlo
dejó un poco más que decir,
siempre esperando otro dia
entonces el poema no nacía.

Por sus pasos supo
que vino caminando
con ella, tomados de la mano,
y se trasladaron a su diario;
donde estaba el poema
y su alma poética saltó por los aires.

El poema sintió la pluma
sobre la piel de su papel,
y sonrió
y sabía que era el momento …
Cuando el poeta lo firmó
“Te amaré pora siempre Julia”,
el poema se desmayó.
El poeta lo puso en sus manos
y ella lo leyó lentamente en voz alta,
con lágrimas de alegría cayendo
y las lagrimas tocaron el poema
hasta que cobró vida
ahora completamente completo,
finalmente nació en el mundo….
tan bellamente amado y firmado.

Karima Hoisan
27 de septiembre de 2020
Costa Rica

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