My Cup of Tea

My Cup of Tea

I might not be everybody’s cup of tea,
I don’t blow back your hair or float your boat.
I might be the poet you pass on by,
too weird and virtual, too unexpected and “what”?

You see, I really can make few apologies,
I came this way, saw some things, now here I am.
I don’t like to wander and meander aimlessly
When my poem says, “We’re done here,” I sign my name.

I do enjoy a smorgasbord, of poetic styles,
and I’ll taste just about anything set out on the cloth.
Like savoring a well prepared canapé, I could be enticed
to make a main course out of your every word.

Sometimes, and it’s always such a pleasure, when it comes
I’ll find a cafe that serves it just how I like,
a mix of tastes and presentations, from erudite to light.
But I’m still looking for a desert, that goes just right,…
with my cup of tea.

Karima Hoisan
February 12, 2019
Costa Rica

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14 Responses to My Cup of Tea

  1. A very novel thought, loved it.


  2. Yes…that’s a good way of putting it:)


  3. Joey says:

    Oh, I love that thought! Me being definitely not everybody’s cup of … I don’t even know what … It’s comforting to think that somebody might just be looking for exactly that. And you and your poetry are definitely just my cup of tea 🙂 — Hugss!


  4. daleinnis says:

    This is great; a quirky poem about being a quirky poet. Very meta! 🙂


  5. ronald174 says:

    This is certainly you-“weird and unexpected”. No messing about thru the word wilderness. Right to the point. I love the use of food descriptions as a metaphor for diverse subjects-styles-impressions. Flavors. Textures. OK-now I’m hungry. Food makes great comparisons to thoughts and feelings and desires. We used to have O Henry stories. Now we enjoy O Costa Rica stories! Nice writing. As always-a joy!


    • Thank you Tube..You have made me believe since the beginning..I AM your cup of tea as far as poetry goes.. That’s very special for me, to know that..Big smiles and much appreciation for this comment.


  6. In a word, beautiful!


  7. Whimsical. Exciting. Relatable. Worth reading. Thanks for sharing!


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