My Town

The clouds slide down the mountain side
and reach into little streets, fogging the trees…
the smells of coffee brewing, wood stoves igniting
hen’s squawking loudly, “I’ve laid an egg!”
It’s a big event in the small backyards to
the beat of the radios blaring and dogs barking.
School uniforms under the irons steam and steam…
Pressed collars for the school girls, pressed pants
for the boys and bursts of white and blue march
out of the houses, forming giggling streams and
raucous seas, of children on their way to school.
Everyone knows everyone and the block is
alive with “Buenos dias!  Como amaneció?
Small town that sprawled its way to 45,000
nestled in the General’s Valley, below the Chirripó…
where shop owners know your name, and people
walk through the town to do their shopping.
My town, so humble and majestic, beautifully
kissed by angels, even its’ name is a divine reminder,
of its’ guardian and protector, the beloved farm laborer
San Isidro de El General de Costa Rica.

Karima Hoisan
February 26, 2019
San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica

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11 Responses to My Town

  1. daleinnis says:

    Amazing picture, beautifully sketched life with words.

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  2. Hoyt says:

    Ahhh. Such a lovely picture with your words. I think I was waiting for this depiction of your town and now it has materialized. It makes me want to be there. Your muse is alive and strong the past year ruca. This gives me comfort knowing your well spring is still full.

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    • Thank you Ruco…The muse has been close and happy to be creating stuff…May it continue.. I can only hope and entice her now and then:) I could have written more, but the picture was so beautiful that I thought it didn’t need that many words..I am so glad you enjoyed the few that I put down to describe my very special town..


  3. Karima, an awe inspiring photograph that flows as a rivulet through your work- astonishingly beautiful.

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  4. ronald174 says:

    You capture the tempo-the mood-the life goes on pace of a small town perfectly. The essence of the incredible richness of a small town that knits it’s citizens together like a jigsaw puzzle. The feel of the streets. I grew up in a small farm/ranching town at foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and worked in my family’s shoe store from childhood on. Towns have a rhythm and energy unique to the town, it’s place, and it’s people. You caught all of that light in a bottle of your poem. The pulse. The day to day vibe. Well done!


  5. Now that is how you set a scene!

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