Reality Check


Reality Check
Yes! I remember…

The night sounds of summer,
Windows echoing the call to prayer,
The kids playing in the streets,
The wind blowing our sheets,
Curtains swaying to the beat,

With too loud music from a party somewhere,
A wedding procession honking their horns,
The smell of hot falafel,
Shrill sirens and voices,
Hot words and hot scorns.

We floated up through the ceiling
Left the TV behind,
Left the bed, left the room,
With our bodies entwined,
Left even those ridiculous hang-ups of mine.
We shot through the roof and hung in midair,
The apartment, the city now distant,
A pale glare…
We launched ourselves while fireworks
Burst in the air,
A doomed flight from the beginning,
Careening over the castle walls
A flash comet to nowhere.

I can only recall in the vaguest of ways
The feel and touch of your skin,
The open mouth laugh,
With your head thrown back,
Or that sly and mischievous grin.
The only thing you are to me
Is what you used to be.
Now, it’s easier to hold that thought.
Some memory lives are quite finite
And today you don’t fill me;
You are no longer enough.

Karima Hoisan
October, 2007
Karak Jordan

(En Español)

¡Si! Recuerdo…
Los sonidos nocturnos del verano
Las ventanas repitiendo el llamado a la oración,
Los niños jugando en las calles
El viento que sopla nuestras sábanas,
Cortinas balanceándose al ritmo
Con música demasiado alta de una fiesta en alguna parte,
Una procesión nupcial tocando la bocina,
El olor a falafel caliente,
Sirenas y voces estridentes,
Palabras ardientes y desprecios cortantes.

Flotamos por arriba del techo
Dejamos atrás la televisión,
Dejamos la cama, salimos de la habitación,
Con nuestros cuerpos entrelazados,
Dejé incluso esos ridículos complejos míos.
Nos disparamos por el techo y colgamos en el aire,
El apartamento, la ciudad ahora distante,
Una mirada pálida …
Nos lanzamos mientras los fuegos artificiales
Estallaron en el aire
Un vuelo condenado desde el principio,
Deslizándose sobre los muros del castillo
Un cometa repentino para ninguna parte.

Solo puedo recordar de la manera más vaga
La sensación y el tacto de tu piel,
Tu risa con boca abierta,
Con la cabeza echada hacia atrás
O esa sonrisa astuta y traviesa.
… ◊ …
Lo único que eres para mi
Es lo que solías ser.
Ahora, es más fácil mantener ese pensamiento.
Algunas vidas de memoria son bastante finitas
Y hoy no me llenas;
Ya no eres suficiente.

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15 Responses to Reality Check

  1. *an older one from my past…


  2. Karima, as beautiful and as eloquent as the wafted wind blowing on the curtain. Your words are from the sky clouds resting upon the parchment of your thoughts… eloquent and inspiring. Your writings are a haven for poets to come and learn from a master poet. Blessings, dear friend.

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    • Thank you so much Lance for your comment, that shows I was able to bring you into the scene a bit and have you feel this moment. For me, blowing curtains will always be a very romantically nostalgic phenomena. The gusts off the desert, the cool night winds, dry and capricious, playing with the curtains, making them dance at their will.. This image is embedded in me and always will be..Thank you my friend, for your continual appreciation and your support. You do truly inspire me, through your comments and your own excellent poetry…

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      • Karima, you are truly welcome, my dear friend. It gives me great pleasure to read your poetry, to watch your fabulous videos.
        Your elaborately romantic description of the blowing curtains is breathtaking. Always a great honor to read and comment on your brilliance. And, thanks so very much for your support! Blessings.

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  3. I love this. Keep the good work 💗

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  4. Hoyt says:

    I love this! The love that is no longer. “The only thing you are to me is what you used to be.” I’m always baffled that you have found words like this in your bottomless quiver. I come to your blog early in the mornings these summer days. I discover or revisit your words as the sun is rising. A form of meditation. As I’ve said many times Miss Karima, I would give a ransom for a collection of you writings in a hardcover form.

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  5. Nawazish says:

    “The only thing you are to me
    Is what you used to be.
    Now, it’s easier to hold that thought.
    Some memory lives are quite finite
    And today you don’t fill me;
    You are no longer enough.” These lines are so powerful!! Amazing poem!!💕💕

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    • Thank you so much Nawazish, for reading my poem, and leaving this positive comment..Yes, when I came to that realization, that we might live years off a memory, but sooner or later, we will see we are starving..For its time, yes it filled us, but with Time’s passing, it no longer can:) I knew I had to write this poem:) Be Creative!…and thank you again!


  6. So nice to share a poem with you Nawazish:)


  7. Leif Price says:

    Brilliant piece! I enjoyed reading it! Keep the good work, Karima!

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