Tea and Poetry


Tea and Poetry
For U.

In our lives here,
on the desert’s edge,
we make time for everything…
but showing how we really feel;
and we are so good
at talking about anything,
but what is in our minds,
worse yet,
what our hearts conceal.
We have tea time
then sweets time
and coffee time;
Then for me,
the poet
 who rebels against 
the protocol,
in conflict with the 
shallow waters,
crying time.

Am I the only one 
surviving in this 
provincial town,
who feels you left a crater,
when you just picked
 up to leave
Never to be heard of again,
erased for more disk space
the forgotten walk and face,

your existence disbelieved?

I am too sensitive…
and you know I am 
the first to agree
I can’t help myself!
Most of the time,
I just feel things 
other people don’t feel,
I see beneath the layers
what others 
fail to see,
I miss people,
people don’t miss
by Allah,
this is the reason 
I accept this cup
they hand to me
I write my poetry.

Karima Hoisan
August 2006
Karak Jordan

(En Español)

Té y Poesía

En nuestras vidas aquí
En el borde del desierto
hacemos tiempo para todo …
menos mostrarnos cómo nos sentimos realmente;
y somos tan buenos
para hablar de cualquier cosa,
menos lo que hay en nuestras mentes,
peor aún,
lo que escondemos en nuestros corazones.

Tenemos la hora del té
la hora de los dulces
y la hora del café;
Entonces para mi,
el poeta que se rebela contra el protocolo,
en conflicto con las aguas pocas profundas,
la hora de llorar.

¿Soy la única que sobrevive en esta ciudad provincial
quien se siente que tú dejaste un cráter,
cuando de pronto,
recogiste todo para irte?
Nunca más se supo de ti,
como borrar un disco duro?
Tu andar y tu rostro inolvidable.
Cómo que si tu, nunca existiera ?

soy demasiada sensible
y sabes que soy la primera en estar de acuerdo.
¡No puedo evitarlo!
La mayor parte del tiempo….
yo me siento cosas
que no se sienten, las otras
y veo debajo de las capas
lo que otros no se pueden ver,
y extraño a la gente,
que a la gente no les extraña
y por Allah,
ésta es la razón porque,
yo acepto esta copa que me entregan;
voy y escribo mi poesía.

Karima Hoisan
Agosto de 2006
Karak Jordania

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17 Responses to Tea and Poetry

  1. Your words always reach me on a deeper level, like you I see, hear and read what others do not. I feel more than most and very sensitive to energy and foods. I believe I should not have to explain myself to friends for they should know me by now. You wrote it so simply. Bless you Karima

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    • Thank you so much for your comment on this poem. Having read your blog, I know you are especially sensitive to these moments, when you feel you are the only one in the room, hit by the emotions going on. I know you are an empath, so I imagine these scenes play out often for you. In any case..it’s not easy to be so sensitive, but…I would not trade being sensitive for the opposite! If not easier, at least Life is so much richer:)

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      • It is an advantage being sensitive though many would view it as not. I would not trade it either the opposite is too hard. Good to know you are of a similar soul type. I can see this through your writings and the depths of your soul you go to with your insights.

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  2. Thank you so much Nanette… yes I feel that too in your writings:) Salaam!


  3. daleinnis says:

    Ah, I love this one! Lovely to see it come up again. Tea time!

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  4. Sabiscuit says:

    As a sensitive person, too, I feel your pain. Feeling is a gift and anguish is the price to pay. There is so much to learn from nature. Sensitivity gives us beauty, finer definitions, and more life.

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    • Beautifully put Sabiscuit! Even if we don’t live more years…we live more in the lifetime we get. I agree with Nanette, sensitivity is never a curse…although we might feel more and that can lead to pain, it is always a gift.

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  5. Amazing again. And these are your older ones. 🤜🤛 Wow. You are a beating heart in the dead of the desert this world is becoming, Karima. Feelings are so rarely felt theses days, true tears rarely shed. The connection with soul severed by the connection on our phones. I love your words. Keep inspired, and keep inspiring, you beautiful soul. 🙌🙏🙌👏👏

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    • Sundaram, what a nice surprise to find your reply to my comment this morning. First, I love your expression,”a beating heart in the dead of the desert this world is becoming” and that you feel I possess this kind of heart, is the greatest of compliments for me as a poet. Your words are sadly true about how true feelings are rarely felt in these days. You have a deep insight into our times where.”The connection with soul severed by the connection on our phones.. keeps us from connecting and really communicating. I also am enjoying your writings and will let you know that,by leaving you comments on how they have touched me. Thank you my sensitive new friend, You have lifted my spirits by your words. I too wish you inspiration and much creativity.. We all need that in these difficult times. Salaam!


  6. Thank you Sundaram, you too are always a pleasure to read..May your muse stay close and whisper in your ear….

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  7. Nawazish says:

    A great combination and play with words!!❣❣

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  8. Karima,

    “Then for me,
    the poet
 who rebels against 
the protocol,
    in conflict with the 
shallow waters,
    crying time.”

    Sums everything up… succinctly, wholly, uniquely, deeply. Your prowess as a poet goes far beyond words, beyond penetrating thoughts. It reaches into the magic that makes you one of a kind. Brilliant!!


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