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The Right Thing To Do

                          “Falling Flower Petals” by Dale Innis on Midjourney The Right Thing To Do I feel a chill blowing in on the afternoon wind Time to take score and take notice of things. Your last words swirl around and around … Continue reading

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Black Beauties

         Black Aconites and Lillies Photo taken by James Ottobre in his garden Black Beauties Black beauties with your heads held high. towering over the garden wall Were you ever meant to blend in with the tangerine and green, the … Continue reading

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You Brought The Music

You Brought The Music for Sundaram (from a dream) In a dream I had this morning, you brought the music and a friend. I was living in a cottage with a park that stretched for miles laid out in front … Continue reading

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My Poem Free-Falling Flower published in Flora Fiction

Hi all, just to share this poem, which I am pretty sure most of my readers have never seenas I posted this here in 2011.It is now in the Volume 2 Issue Summer 2021 of Flora Fiction Magazine, both digital … Continue reading

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These Flowers Are Not Silent

These Flowers Are Not Silent These flowers are not silent, not at all like the others… They don’t sit demurely in a vase, quietly and half smile. These flowers shout out loud to the entire household, they are lusty and … Continue reading

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The Flowers

The Flowersfor Julian Gifted to me when they were just tightly – wound buds..I placed them in water, so lovingly, in my finest vase.Sleeping in their pods, they had no idea, still so unaware, that they had traveled over mountains, … Continue reading

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