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Even a Vampire Has a Heart…….Sometimes

From way back in 2018…in the spirit of Halloween:) Even a vampire has a heart… sometimes. We don’t need to drain Every cat in the woods… Now and then we take them in and make them pets, and yes…put silly … Continue reading

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The Story of Maktoob (“that which is already written” )

Sometimes we actually notice when we have been given a gift, that had our name on it. Little Maktoob is one such gift.About 2 weeks ago, I heard a small kitten crying in my backyard. My first reaction was,”I hope … Continue reading

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Let Sleeping Cats Lie…..

Let Seeping Cats Lie… Let sleeping cats lie beside you and sync your heart beat to theirs. Touch their fur, for they bring you comfort like that bear you clutched 1/2 century ago in your crib. Enter the harmony of … Continue reading

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More About The Poet

More About The Poet Now you know a bit more about this poet…. I have a cat and a black piano, a piano and cat are part of me.Both are important for my soul, for my need to touch, to … Continue reading

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Cat Parade

I almost caught the big one..but like all big ones, it got away. It balanced on my sleep frontier, my emptied thoughts, my break of day. Just as I reached for it, to capture everything it tried to say It … Continue reading

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9 Lives

9 Lives I had 9 lives but 8 were taken away. The first I lost beneath a speeding bus. With years of balancing on the curb one day I just  slipped off. Maybe I used up my grace or a … Continue reading

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