Switching Places


You taught me to read
between your lines
right from the start.
“It’s not what I do
it’s what I say,
It’s not what I say,
It’s what lies beneath.”

I translated you
for your family
who barely understood
your quixotic mind,
your mood swings,
your unreal expectations.

They loved me
and still do
even though this calling
I left years ago.
They keep my picture
in a frame
in the dining room
and I hold them
in my heart,
until the end of days.

If it’s true,
we did not last
happily ever after,
we both were open doors
that we walked through
into each other’s worlds.

How can I thank you
for the fact that
You gifted me a family,
and I provided
a new country,
and it seems
switching places
was good for us both.

Karima Hoisan
August 24, 2021
Costa Rica

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32 Responses to Switching Places

  1. Diana says:

    Dearest Karima, a lovely soul-stirring poem you have put forth before us. So many people who enter our lives are only temporary, and we realize that sometimes late, but when we do, we also learn why it happened. People come and people go, like happiness, like sadness, like hurt, like joy- everything is linked in this life, every happening has a bigger meaning. Some learn it late, some feel it immediately. I love how you have accepted the reason for the person who left your life, due to circumstances. What will never end, is the memories, or the love. They go on. And on. Much love to you Habibti! 💖🌹🥰✨🌈🙏

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    • Yes, my wise poet, this is how Life is. I am lucky that I realized this fairly early and was able to see the bigger picture, forgive, forget and be friends again. It was a process, but I am so happy we both knew how to value who we were for each other….and who we wound up being too:) I cherish your comment…you show your own experience perhaps in it…as this is not something we learn by reading about it…we learn by living it. I adore your enlightened comments. I think you have lived and learned so much in your young life. Thank you! HUGS habeebity🤗❤️🌹🌟🦋🌕

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  2. daleinnis says:

    A wise and lovely letter (love letter) from one real human to another. Thank you!

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  3. Ace says:

    My dearest Karima, this is simply divine. That last stanza especially soaked into my heart. I deeply feel this poem on so many levels! You touch on so many incredibly important universal lessons life chooses to teach us. Thank you for vulnerably, authentically and beautifully sharing with us all. Your words were truly a comfort and gave me clarity in my life. You always have a way of soothing the soul with your mesmerizing work, thank you for that. Love you, my dearest friend 🖤🤗

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    • Thank you sweet Ace, for this beautiful comment. You are so empathetic and you enter deeply into my simple words. This realization, Alhamdulillah, came swiftly, so I was lucky to be able to see my dissolution in these terms. The truth is,people come and go in our lives…some do stay forever, but maybe not like the romantic “forever” we grew up in in books and fairy tales. We are constantly changing, because Life changes us. Everything and everyone is in a state of flux…so that’s why, as you say in many of your poems,we must learn to live in the moment…That’s really all we have.. Big hugs..I enjoyed your comment so much (as I always do) Much love and blessings for you Ace…❤️🤗🌟🌹🦋❣️🌕

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  4. Jeff Flesch says:

    A beautiful poem of love, loss, and connection. This here,
    “They loved me
    and still do
    even though this calling
    I left years ago.
    They keep my picture
    in a frame
    in the dining room
    and I hold them
    in my heart,
    until the end of days.” Is stunning verse, which warms my heart. Just lovely, Karima. 🦋🥰🤗🙏❤️

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    • Thank you so much Jeff,for your warm appreciation for this poem. It holds a special place in my heart. I am glad you could relate and enjoy what it says..We never really know how our decisions can affect us…even the seemingly poor ones can still give us positive results…Isn’t that amazing?🌹🤗❤️🌟🙏❣️🦋

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  5. This is a very touching poem Karima. Beautiful!

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  6. KK says:

    This is too soulful and heart-touching, Karima. I can feel the poem, so relatable to me. This is power of love that there is no room for bitterness despite parting ways. This life is like a train, people board and get down, but what is left is memories, let these be good ones to carry forward the rest of life. Thanks for sharing. Stay happy and blessed 😊🤗💐💖

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    • Thank you so much Kaushal for your wise comment…I too have seen and written many poems using the Life-as-a–train comparison..You are so right. Some get off early, and yet, they have affected us in all ways possible. Yes bitterness and negativity must be pushed aside..Even if things did not end well..there were many parts that were magical! We must be grateful for the larger plan…and the good memories… I know I am:)❤️🤗🙏💎❣️🦋

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  7. Unbelievably powerful and touching, Karima. I feel honored every time I read one of your poems about her.


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    • Awww David..thank you so much 🤗Your comment and what you saw in this poem, made my day…It means a lot to know..my words can touch you…btw in a poem of mine I think you might not have seen, called “Following” there is a stanza you are alluded to… 🙂
      “I never thought I’d make a friend
      in Jerusalem!
      Who knew I’d be exchanging thoughts on
      Death & Life..,
      with people in India, South Africa,
      Seattle Washington…”

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  8. Love this word: “quixotic”! These lines are moving and powerful: “we both were open doors / that we walked through / into each other’s worlds.” Your words always move my soul and brings up lots of emotions. Beautifully written, Karima.


  9. Hey Karima! This reminds me of people I’ve long forgotten. Experiences that shaped me in the vulnerable years. It was all a reality once, a whole different world I am amazed – strangely only a haze today. You are sparkling as ever, my friend. Hope you’re doing fine. :))

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    • Wow Sundaram!! Hello you!! So glad to see you..Give me a few minutes..I will give you a nice reply..Just had to say Hello!! 🤗

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    • Ahhh dear Sundaram, to feel that special way you have of reading and replying, of writing and dreaming and weaving..I have missed it all a lot.. You are so right..people as doors are so much harder to find..We all seem to have ours closed most of the time..suspicious even to try and walk through.. I hope you have not been dulled by the pandemic..but oh my..the reality we are living today is very dulling, crushing, traumatic..just the opposite of Life maybe 5 years ago.. when we had real futures and hopes for them too.. We say in Islam, “Thank God for everything” and that means Everything… if we learn early on that even bad endings leave good memories and even long term positive results… well Life is easier for those who know and accept this I think.. Welcome back my friend..It has been way too long❤️

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      • Thanks Karima. Yes, the pandemic has changed everything for me. There has been a personal loss. I am trying to cope with that. I might drop in at times to check my favourite bloggers. You keep writing and shining my friend. Always a delight visiting you. God bless.

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    • I’m sorry you have suffered a personal loss. Sits quietly by you and says a prayer. Please my friend, come by any moment and when you pick up your pen again (which you will) please send me a heads up..I miss your writing..You are a favorite of mine. Here is my latest..before you go away..I think you might like it https://karimahoisan.com/2021/08/28/please-sit-down/
      Stay Blessed and Stay Safe my deart Sundaram🙏❤️✨

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  10. Samreen Asad says:

    This touched me so deeply habeebity. Another beautiful piece from a beautiful soul, inside out. Some people enter our lives just to connect us with other good people. They just act as carriers. People go from our lives but to accept it whole heartedly requires a big heart. I guess, when we live we understand. Allah always does good for us, we may not see at that very moment but it’s purpose we see in the future.
    Big hugs habeebity, love you 😘❤️🤗🤗🤗💝🌷


  11. Nice poem, beautifully expressed.

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