The Cemetery Far Away

Caspar_David_Friedrich_-_The_Cemetery_Entrance_-_WGA08275 2

David Friedrich- The Cemetery Entrance

The Cemetery Far Away
for Natascha

I’m writing letters to you in dreams
I am making movies too,
It’s so one-sided, just my voice,
I only hear me speaking… never you..

I am talking to wolves in my sleep,
who tell me, they have nothing to eat.

I am feeling this winter will be cold
the clouds eat up the pale days
Here it’s always warm and rainy
but I sense the rain will turn to haze.

They say today, they’ll finally put you in the ground.
It’s so hard to imagine you, enclosed, being lowered down.

I’m processing the process as I speak
The days are so much longer, than before
and yet I seem to get less done, hour after hour
I just need you to answer me again, once more.

They say today, they’ll finally put you in the ground.
I try not to imagine you, enclosed, being lowered down.

I’m writing letters to you in my dreams
I am making movies too,
It’s so one-sided, just my voice,
I only hear me speaking… never you.

I am talking to wolves in my sleep,
who tell me, they have nothing to eat.

It’s just hard to imagine you at all in your real life
I never saw your town, your house, your smile
I never got to hear your Germain humor or your voice,
how can I picture you today, being carried down that aisle?

They say today, so far away, they’ll put you in the ground.
It’s too hard to imagine you, enclosed, being lowered down.

Karima Hoisan
September 22, 2021
Costa Rica

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34 Responses to The Cemetery Far Away

  1. Karima, you are braking my heart hon. I am so sorry you lost her. Lots of love and hugs to you ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗🤗

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  2. Hugs you tight Gabriela…You are an amazing soul🤗❤️🙏


  3. Jeff Flesch says:

    Oh, Karima, this is so sad and beautiful all at the same time. I feel the depth of feeling here, just pouring through your beautiful words. Is stunning, my dearest friend. ❤❤

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    • Thank you so much Jeff, I debated posting this one…but it seems ok now. You are a very compassionate man, and thank you for finding some beauty in my words. This means a lot to me…I’m glad I posted it now Hugs dear friend and poet🤗❤️🙏

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      • Jeff Flesch says:

        You’re most welcome, Karima. Always. Aww, thanl you, my friend. There is much beauty in these words, and I am very glad you posted this lovely poem. We are lucky to read it. Hugs to you too. ❤🤗🙏

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  4. daleinnis says:

    Lovely and heartbreaking… It’s so good, for everyone, that you can share this mourning through your poetry. ❤️

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    • I thank you Dale, for saying this..I don’t always want to be a downer, but I think keeping silent is worse. I truly do believe Nat’s spirit (and that is who we knew, I knew in SL,) is free from the first day she passed away. But thinking of the practical matters that must be dealt with, her family in mourning… it’s hard. Thank you my friend…always so close by🙏


  5. Diana says:

    My dear Karima.. I could feel alot of pain and grief in this. I know how much you must be missing Nat. From your words, I can feel how special she was to you. I really am sorry for your loss. This was a beautiful expression of pain and sorrow. Stay blessed my dearest. 🙏❤️💞

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    • Habeebity..thank you for this comment…Honestly….I am just feeling lost.. but if I don’t write, if I don’t do something…it’s I say, “I am processing the process” I hope something like beauty and inspiration can finally poke through the grief.. I am hopeful. It’s hard to watch someone deeply sad…it puts us at a loss, as what to do..what to say? I think that is what my dream about the wolves represented to me..I feel awful about their situation,but..what can I do?
      Hugs habeebity Diana, you are a dear one🙏❤️🤗❣️


  6. KK says:

    Your words..processing the process are so heart-touching, Karima. The words like .. it’s hard to imagine you, enclosed, being lowered down… moistened my eyes. I can feel through these words how you would be feeling in your dream..and in reality too. My love, hugs and good wishes 😊💐💖🙏

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    • Thank you so much Kaushal.. as I said above to Diana, I am feeling so lost..but trying to keep moving forward.. I do feel blessed that I can express myself in words..As poets, we have that great advantage, in times like this.. I am thankful for all the wonderful things in my life..I just miss Nat and that is very normal…but people like yourself. this beautiful little group who speaks to me and reads me and vice versa…is a godsend..a gift..Thank you for being part of this Kaushal…❤️🤗🙏❣️

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  7. Ace says:

    My dearest Karima, I could deeply feel every word in this piece. It is so heartbreakingly beautiful, and the honest expression of your emotion is inspiring. Please take care of you and your special heart. Nat is always with you, I can truly see/feel her beautiful spirit through the magical voice of your words!

    I think of you often, precious soul! Always sending lots of love and hugs your way 😘🤗🤗🖤

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    • Thank you beauty and your compassionate soul!! Your words touch me deeply and yes, you are right.. I hold Nat in my heart..I always will.. Ironically some of my greatest losses in my life, have been with women, who for one reason or the other. I had formed amazing relationships with..unique, truly, outside the norm, and their loss affected me very much… As I say in our movie The Connection about Nat and I, “We are not lovers in the conventional sense; we are Creators”and yet, that can feel even closer and form a bond even tighter..Amazing!
      Thank you for reaching out to me…You are a tender heart, a cosmic sister, and a beautiful friend, Ace.❤️🤗🙏❣️

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  8. besondersite says:

    This is achingly beautiful. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s hard to lose a love one and I can feel what you must be going through right now. Sending love and light your way ❤💫

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  9. jonicaggiano says:

    Karima this is heartbreakingly beautiful. You have so touched my heart. I am so sorry my kind friend. May your heart and spirit feel my love coming to you and my prayers.
    Love you,

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    • Ohhh Joni thank you! Sorry I’m not very responsive, but I am throwing myself into a project to honor Nat and her videos..a whole world of them…I will not be as active on WordPress, but I will try to read your new ones..Big hugs and thank you again for all your support! Love and many hugs…..PS I had a dream about you:) Tell you sometime….was so interesting and it gave me hope I could dream with Nat too…even though we had never met:)

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      • jonicaggiano says:

        You are so welcome Karima. That is such a thoughtful thing to do. Perhaps it might help with some closure. I would love to hear about your dream too. We can have profound love of people with never meeting the individual in person, this I know is true. I know you loved her dearly and I am praying for you. You can always read past post another time. This is something you need for you both. I love that idea. Grief is such a personal and different experience for everyone. I truly hope you can dream about her too. I still dream about my first love and they are so real. Sending you love, hugs, wishes for dreams and a joyful heart again. Please take care of yourself my dear friend.

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    • Thank you Joni for yourspecial heart ❤️🤗❣️🌹

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  10. Hoyt says:

    This is beautiful Karima! Natascha would be so pleased knowing that she had you, the word master, singing her story. No one better to do so. And such a sad story it is.

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  11. DzinWiz Babii says:

    Your sorrow is so eloquently revealed through your words that I didn’t even realize a tear had dropped as my heart squeezed with empathy and love for you, my beloved Sissy ((hugs)). The grief we feel as the left behind is so intense… but only for awhile, I promise. The profound grace Nat (and others we care and grieve for) have given is that they did not leave us empty handed, the essence of their spirit is rooted within our memories, soul deep, carried in a precious gift of having the fortune that our paths crossed and we are eternally honored by then having shared a piece of life with us. You have more to say to Nat and more to share with the world.. we’re all listening ((hugs))

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  12. Hugs Karima… just got to know it today. Wish you courage.

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  13. Sundaram…nothing I have read of yours is inconsequential…it’s Life, in the details, and you capture that so well… I miss reading you…please write something soon…please:)


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