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My Guest Post on Blogspot About Collaboration

Please click this link to read the original: My thanks to Thirza Ember of HG Safari for inviting me to participate. Collaboration

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Flowers of The Nile

Well..sometime after my reading at Opensim Fest, I started exploring all the great things to see there. When I walked into Luna Lunaria’s Egyptian Monument, my heart almost stopped!!…It was that gorgeous.. One of the most detailed and lovely virtual … Continue reading

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A La Virtual

By the blue virtual sea… The waves lap and roll and their energy, liquid bubbles of blue, rise up, passing through me to my brain from my toes. I feel as well as see and in this moment I am … Continue reading

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How Can You Come To Me?

How can you come to me?If I never even heard your voicecall my name?Will you come in a written chat,imposed over the clouds,or across the scrimof my closed eyes? Will your words just enter mewithout words, so I feelyou are … Continue reading

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My Poem, “Glorious Monster” On Spillwords Press

Good morning and Happy Monday!!I am happy to announce that my poem, “Glorious Monster” is up on Spillwords Press today!I would like to give thanks to the editors for accepting my submission and invite you all to read it on … Continue reading

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I Miss Violet

I miss Violet… the days of Violet.. when she roamed the streets and shops and forests, the innocence of a brand new world, building itself without a plan.. When all was new and the virtual world was a looking glass … Continue reading

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