Inworld Review Nov. 6th- With Mal Burns. Featured Guests: Karima Hoisan & Dale Innis

Hi everyone,
I am  excited to share with you a 30 minute version of Inworld Review that was filmed live yesterday. Inworld Review is made weekly and is the definitive media talk show for all that is virtual on The Open Simulator grid  (which is basically all virtual worlds outside of Second Life.
The actual show, created and  hosted by Mal Burns with co-host, Thirza Ember was two hours long.
I tried to show some highlights of our talk.. Both Dale and I were honored to be invited as special guests. I have included the clips of what we discussed and I hope you will enjoy watching snippets of the show.
Mal & Thirza are very well-known and loved in the virtual hypergrid community.
Thank you again for featuring our collaborations in this area. It was great fun to be on:)

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19 Responses to Inworld Review Nov. 6th- With Mal Burns. Featured Guests: Karima Hoisan & Dale Innis

  1. That was fascinating!! And it was really good that you had the last ten minutes to highlight your work and the story of your butterfly butler was beautiful! 🙂

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  2. daleinnis says:

    Reblogged this on Dale Innis’s Weblog and commented:
    Fame! 🙂 Try not to listen to the parts where I talk, because I sound nervous and kind of doofy. Maybe I should claim I was using a voice Morpher!

    But thanks as usual to Karima for making and posting this clip; enjoy!

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  3. calmkate says:

    What a great showcase of all your talent! Made me return to your utube stn to review the plethora of choices there … couldn’t find ‘creation’?

    Forgive my ignorance, I don’t know the correct terms, but your avatars are all beautiful twenty year olds yet your voices and the years mentioned would indicate at least three times that vintage … I would expect 20 yos to have such high tech standards but maybe not the depth of creativity. Is there something wrong with saying you are elders who have embraced and conquered social media by using such creative formats?

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    • Thank you so much Kate for watching this and yes you are totally correct.. Actual age is not very important in the virtual but yes, between friends we can reveal more real life details. Oh yes, our avatars are much younger than we are, but that is the beauty of the levels the playing ground and takes away, one less thing to be judged by, age, color of skin, body type,’s not important..just what’s inside and what you can offer to these virtual communities you form. In some ways it’s like a WordPress community, just more immersive. Nothing wrong in saying we are elders who have conquered social media but I would say in my case, not so much social media (which is not really my thing) but the virtual possibilities we can explore..and yes, gain skills in. If that makes any sense? Yes we are middle- agers with spirit and creativity very much alive.:)

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      • calmkate says:

        exactly, as am I … but I do believe young ones need to know that joy of creativity just keeps growing!

        Most think oldies just wallow in their lounge watching tellie as they wait for the grim reaper … which we know is NOT the case 🙂


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    • There is no Creation in YouTube..we never shot a movie there,..It is just a very immersive virtual world you can experience only in avatar form.
      Here is another post about it you might enjoy Kate..and thank you for all your comments and interest.

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  4. Joey says:

    Wow, congratulations you two! This was fascinating ❤

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  5. macalder02 says:

    I wanted to see the video but unfortunately I don’t speak English. I only speak Spanish. For my translations I help myself with the translator and I can’t use that with the video. From the comments I have read, it has been a wonderful experience. I’m happy for you.


  6. Muchas gracias y lo siento que está solamente en inglés esta programa virtual.. Gracias por traducir los comentarios..y gustarlos también:)


  7. DzinWiz Babii says:

    Over the span of our 15 years of friendship, we’ve shared sooooo very many experiences. Watching-listening to your interview I was gently reminded of some of the historical memories, and learned some deeper details behind several of your beautiful productions and collaborations. It was also neat to get some insights directly from Dale! I am so very grateful and thankful that your loving spirit has fueled a great many experiences into sharable mediums for the world to enjoy. You are beautiful inside and out, my beloved Sissy-Poo and your collaborative engagements lift every voice and idea in the most unselfish ways. Blessed we are for your presence and generosity in all worlds ((hugs)). Loves you endlessly!

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    • Awww Sis…what a comment!! Coming from you, it’s so meaningful, because we have known each other Forever (15 years!!) and you have been my witness to it all, as I have been years:) Hugs you! Our virtual Sisterhood that we started so long ago, before life got even more complicated and virtual worlds started springing up in a brand new ocean. in OpenSim. I remember how loyal and supportive you were and when I explored the newly formed Kitely grid…you made an avatar immediately and joined me on my very first world.
      You have never failed to take our rides, our crazy tours and you have been to all 21 worlds…and I love you for that…can’t say more…just so happy you are still in my life and…..that you enjoyed the interview so much, you left me this priceless comment. Much love Sissy, your Kari

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  8. menubar says:

    Dale’s creations are amazing!

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