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Karima’s works.

An Ode To Code

                                    Avatar Follower Script by Dale Innis I adore scripters! That is no news for people who know me well. Builders and scripters are what bring life to Second Life.A builder, a good one, can build anything at all, but … Continue reading

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The Molded One

What I’m learning as a soul in a body that is expiring… Creation is everywhere and in our hands; it’s part of you and part of me… being made in a Creator’s image; it comes bundled inside. I know I … Continue reading

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When The Poem Arrives…

When The Poem Arrives I have felt it coming for days..and  yet…not a word has been put down,because it’s still on its way.Whatever it is, my muse wants to say,there is no hurrying that, or rushing to the end.No, I … Continue reading

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Surfacing for Umahmad The ducks caught your attention As you strode to the lake shore, bubbling angry energy. It was like they caught each strife and slowly turned them into grace. The breeze hit our faces, all the ducks looked … Continue reading

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More About The Poet

More About The Poet Now you know a bit more about this poet…. I have a cat and a black piano, a piano and cat are part of me.Both are important for my soul, for my need to touch, to … Continue reading

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Thank You To Spillwords Press For Accepting My 2nd Poem, “Coming Up From The Dead,” For Publication

Hi everyone,just want to share with you, that another poem I submitted to was accepted and published November 29, 2020. I posted this poem just last month here in my blog, “Coming Up From The Dead.” I was not … Continue reading

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Recap and Recording of Circe’s Poetry Reading 11/28/2020

Hello everyone,I am putting the link to hear the recording from my reading last night.I did give a shout-out to a few WordPress friends, who expressed interest in hearing it.:)Click HERE to listen. You can download it or stream it … Continue reading

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Two Poems for Umahmad

Mated BeautyFor Umahmad  In your arms, my pain meets a higher callTo transform obediently tonightInto a funny child with laughing eyesWho glows over the room with gentle light. The gifts we get are measured and beloved,The Writer of our book knows just … Continue reading

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Cha Cha Cha

Cha Cha Cha Good music, good birds good trees; today…it’s enough for me. The light changing on the leaves, the sun and shadows painting evolving scenes. I’m falling in love, one more time with Life. Only Life, can make me … Continue reading

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Your Movie

Your Movie It seems I’m still not over you not the way I wanted to, immune to white sheer curtains blowing, on warm night winds of memory I no longer sail to where it hurts, but seeing your face negates … Continue reading

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